Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Star

I have seen them happy on our Satur-dates but not as MUCH as they were this week...

I keep noticing that they become extremely lively when we start singing and we've been practicing their presentation for the Christmas party in our street.

They even invited their dolls and stuffed toys to be with us. They chided, "Teacher, look! Now the classroom's filled with kids..." 

How lovely!

I do miss MJ and three-year old Carlo. I wish they were there to share our joy. Some of them have not been attending regularly depending on their family's activities for the day.

A doctor friend asked if we could formalize our Catechism classes, however, it still depends on the group who initiated this.

~I am still praying for a companion to assist me with the smaller ones, a program for both the youth and the seniors and a playground.~

While it's true that they could be unruly at times, I'd look at them with so much love and their presence dispels all the weariness I feel over a week's work. 

They are so simple. God I wish I could be like them.

Through those Saturdays that we had, I'd listen to them reciting their prayers and God made me realize that they could memorize (*pray) better by singing.

"Singing is praying. When one sings one prays twice - so said the great Saint Augustine"

Who knows one day we could form our own children's choir. But for now, I have to teach them a variety of Christmas songs. I heard them singing the same "Star ng Pasko" last night.

Me: "So who are we waiting for this Advent season?"
Children: "Santa Claus !!!" ~ hmmm...

(after two weeks)

Me: "Who's the Star this Christmas?"
Children: "Jesus!" 

(Oh, thanks God !)


  1. The kids are so adorable...I too wish we could still have had a long childhood instead of waiting to group up. Nice post.

  2. i am singing with the innocent souls to reach out to HIM. i remember celebrating Christmas at home and in school. decorate the Christmas tree with my own imagination. sing the carols.........specially "jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way..". now my daughter follows my childhood days and i follow her.

    lovely post Meli. wish you will also get a companion soon to assist you.

    happy Christmas month.

    lots of love and hugs as always.

  3. Beautiful post, Melissa!
    I worked with children's choir for over 15 years and loved every moment of it. I'm glad these children have brought such joy into your life.
    Blessings always!

  4. O! Mely this s soo something in world can b more innocent than this...
    You know, playing with children and my pet always calms me down no matter how tired, how lost and how sad I am at times they r like a therapy to me.

    Lovely post my sweetheart!!

    You are urself so adorable!

    I wish u all happiness and love from my heart!

    God Bless U!!


  5. Sweet post :) Aww.. the baby is so cute xo :)

  6. There is no doubt these children bring you both purpose and happiness, but it is equally clear you bring them so much too

  7. Hello.
    Those kids are so adorable & you're doing a wonderful job with them. Keep it up!
    There are times I too wish I could return to the days of my youth when life was not so complicated, but then, so many beautiful things have happened in my life that would otherwise not have occurred if I hadn't matured.
    Wonderful post Melissa.
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. I do so appreciate your heartfelt comments & it makes me happy to make you smile. ;-)

    For ref:
    Firebrand Of The Heart

  8. To be able to work with children is a blessing. We teach, yet we learn the most from them. Loved the Santa, then "two weeks" time laspe and then Jesus! YES! Lovely post!

  9. You reminded me of my school days Melissa...the kids are so are an amazing woman,capable of giving so much of yourself to all around you..god bless you always.

  10. As I have said earlier soul sis, you amaze me with your way with kids. I wish I could be half like you

  11. Melissa, You are one lucky girl, to be able to sing and play with the kids and also teach them is amazing. You are an angel, god bless.

  12. Beautiful stuff, God bless the Children... and you :)