Sunday, January 7, 2018

Fidelity in a Challenging World: An Introduction

I have decided to keep a Bible diary instead of an online journal for a while. But friends urged me to write and be a voice that can be "heard" now rather than continue pushing off a gift on hand~ in short, to go back to blogging.

Know Thyself

I felt a part of me crumbled when I trusted people in the outside world. For a year, I struggled with issues on 'privacy' and I decided to delete my FB account. I felt the need to disengage in interacting online ~ to check out these 'beasts' inside that required taming.

I succumbed to work and had to give up my Saturday catechism to give way to the extras I accepted on my plate.

Overworked, underpaid and extremely tired ~ discouraged that I still have not given ALL of myself to a work I really put my heart into... I begged the Lord to gift me with a 'listening' heart to hear and 'open' eyes  to see that the world around me is groaning with the same sentiments.

 And the Lord showed me the blessings I ignored each day. I have given way to complaints, competition and envy instead. What I thought was a virtue on my part was actually a vice that entailed 'unmasking.' 

He must reign not I.