Friday, May 24, 2013

Three-in-One (Free Printable Design)

With my Satur-dates

In preparation for the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity on Sunday, I would like to share the following designs to my readers. I made variations for my little Satur-dates.

*Note: The designs are strictly not for commercial purposes. 

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit
As it was in the beginning,
is now 
and ever shall be, 
world without end. 

Download  Holy Trinity Design 2013 through

Variations: With Prayer to the Holy Trinity inside or at the back portion

Holy Trinity Design 2 (front)

Holy Trinity Design 2 (back)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Part 2: My Gift Within God's Gift

With my Satur-dates

Still on Day 8 of The Purpose Driven Life: "What common task could I start doing as if I were doing it directly for Jesus?" 

I have begun sharing my artworks through this blog, purifying my intentions in doing so. I am offering this gift to God through my Satur-dates for His greater glory.

In preparation for Pentecost tomorrow, I would like to share the key and bookmark patterns which I used for my Satur-dates this afternoon.

*Note: You may download my Pentecost Key and Bookmark Pattern for free but kindly link it back to my blog. It is strictly NOT intended for commercial purposes
Materials: Pattern, Cardboard, Glue, Glitter glue
My niece Belle

Download Pentecost Key Pattern via OpenDrive
Download Pentecost Bookmark Pattern via OpenDrive
Variation: You may write a prayer to the Holy Spirit for each gift at the back of the bookmark. 

The Gift within A Gift:First Part

Wow! We’re on Day 8 already, Planned for God’s Pleasure, following Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life. My friend decided on taking off the weekends and it benefited me a lot as I reflect further on the Chapters that we took the entire week…

The Gift: The Journey with a Chaffeur

I humbly admit that it wasn’t an easy task to discuss my reflections with somebody else. As a young missionary in the late 1990s, we were accompanied by a Spiritual Director, who helped us discern the direction of our journey. But then later on, we were taught to stand on our own and discernment was carried on with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

At first, my friend and I were using ‘our’ words (what we know of and what we’ve learned). We were stuck with the beliefs we have formed through years of experience.  Everything seemed ‘mental’ and ‘intellectual.’ I wasn’t edified as much but as the days went by, my friend started using God’s Words through the Psalms he shared. I ceased judging the way we have been ‘faith sharing’ and began to admire his docility to the Spirit. We talked less about ourselves and focused more on God and how we are experiencing Him at this moment.

So from Day 7, The Reason for Everything, we went back to Day 1, It All Starts with God.

Abiding in God’s love

Today, Rick Warren asks in his book, “How is it possible to do everything to the glory of God?” He continues, “By doing everything as if you were doing it for Jesus.”

I took a piece of what I shared with my friend…

If this the way 'worship' is defined, then it's almost similar to 'contemplation,' being present to God. There is this deep awareness that I am before God and He is present in everything I do, from the most trivial things , e.g. washing the dishes, answering the phone, cooking, to my work in the office, then to bigger projects like reaching out to people in need. It is a continual conversation with Christ ~ ceaseless praying. However, one should also strike a balance between personal prayer and helping others. Putting to mind St. Dominic's ideal, “to speak only of God or with God."

Finally, Falling In Love ‘Again’ and ‘Again’ with Jesus

While sharing with my friend, I was brought to the initial days when I decided to become a missionary. There was this ‘spark’ that burned in my heart urging me to enjoy this God Who takes pleasure that I am alive and free. He continually works in and through us.

Let us pause at this moment and just enjoy God.                                                

Monday, May 13, 2013

Life Coaching: Some Reflections on the Purpose Driven Life

I was up earlier than my usual waking up hours. I read the Gospel for the day and supplemented it with Day 5 of The Purpose Driven Life.

Google image Road to Emmaus
Luke 24:13-35 NIV
I’ve been journeying with a new friend these past couple of days (sent perhaps per scocciare l'anima mia to move back to my center). He praised my earlier writings. that led me to read my own blog. Somehow, he has influenced me in re-assessing my intentions for keeping it. I’ve been writing more for me than for other people. I never imagined myself a ‘guru’ nor an ‘inspiration,’ much less a 'counsellor.' I was surprised by the term ‘life coach.’ Back then, we only had spiritual directors, confessors, formators and psychologists. It’s pretty interesting. But the common thing about these terms is ‘accompaniment’~a word I liked most from my SD ~ pretty much like Jesus and the two disciples walking in Emmaus.
I write what the Spirit blows and my faith experiences. If I’ve led even just one person to pray, praise God! If it stirred emotions because people relate with break-ups, romance, pain, life and death, thanks God! If I disturbed created tension within with the issues I raise in my posts and provoke you to act (positively), it’s a cause for celebration. It is not my task to provide people with answers to their questions. That would be too easy. 

Impact Factor

I saw the dwindling interests of some readers in my blog. I observed that the ones who come back regularly are my close friends (prayer partner Martha, BS Corinne, spiritual sis Jessica and my #CandyCrushSaga artist-friend Irene and an additional to the list lately, Vishnu) and I get to visit them faithfully.

I believe that God inspires us to read the materials that we need at certain points in our lives. The same way He sends us ‘angels’ to guide and comfort us. When our mission with that person is through, then we have to allow them to fly. 

"It is for Your good that I am going away."~ John 16, 7 NIV 

Some friends have shifted their interests on publishing their own books, creating photography studios or art online galleries, establishing their causes, and that’s really wonderful. Whatever contributes to their advancement is growth.

Going Back to the Basics ~ Reading God's Words

I, on my part, have moved from reading ‘thousands’ (which is, of course, an exaggeration) of inspirational books/blogs and have just managed to keep a few which I could reflect on.

I used to tell my Jewish friend that if commenting were a job, then I could’ve been paid for doing it (I was referring to my earlier years in blogging). However, within the course of the year, social networking became ‘drab.’ I felt the need to remain hidden for a while and focus on the interior life. 

I felt inner freedom after confession and with freedom comes space ~ room for other people. I felt the Spirit opening all the doors and windows for me. There was this urge to relate more with people. So I opened my lines again.

Now, going back to writing, I ask myself…
·         * Are my posts still relevant at this time?
·         * Do people resonate with my experiences?
·         * Are my words life giving?
·         * Will people benefit from reading this?

If the (my) answer is yes, then let the blog live... if not, as my SD said, I shouldn't be afraid to let it die a natural death...

Saturday, May 11, 2013

An Early Mother's Day Gift

Of the themes in my earlier artworks, the one I like best is the Mother and Child.

Today, I graciously share these works as a free gift, I drew them early 2009-2011, you may download them by clicking the link below the images. Kindly link the images back to my blog.

Note: These are adapted images (from cards, newspaper, photos) so they are NOT for commercial use.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day tomorrow,     
I would like to thank my mother who has planted the seeds of faith and love of God in my heart. She has lifted me up in face of difficulties. 
I love you Mom!

And to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Christ and our Mother, for her prayers and intercession. 
I owe the miracle to You, dear Mother and Your constant guidance and protection.

Download jpeg file

Download jpeg file

Download jpeg file

Download jpeg file

Download jpeg file

Download jpeg file

VARIATIONS: Cards or poster
Write your own love letters to your mother or
you may visit 
for Free Christian Mother's day Verses.

Download copy here

*For those who are interested to get the original copy, email me.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Life is meant to be shared,”  was Rick Warren's opening statement to the 18th Chapter of The Purpose-Driven Life. 

I think I'm going to engage forty days of my life in re-reading this book, I told myself. I had just experienced a miracle and it was a step forward to changing the course of my life. It was a 'momentary' consolation ~ an Easter gift from the Risen Christ. And I felt Him calling me some place else. Where, when and how, I'm still in the process of discerning ~ the way I'm redesigning my VB these past couple of months. What is it that God wishes me to do right now? at this moment?

The force of Spring ---
powerful beyond measure.
~ Micahel Garofalo,

I had these moments of revival ~ coming back here regularly ~ when a friend took particular interest in my writing. To paraphrase what he said, "Oh no, it's not the moment to take your rest. Someone out there needs to hear your story." Or perhaps, just to feel my presence. I have always been here but not fully.

I was out in the field Tuesday last week. I visited my friend in between work and found out that she had her last Chemotherapy session in April.  She told me that the entire process was 'detoxifying.'   While walking my way to the Pediatric Ward I pondered, I saw joy in my sick friend's eyes. She wanted to live more and took means to prolong it... how is that some of our young ones have lost their zest for life and take means to curtail it? 

Most of those we've encountered in the news lately are between fourteen to sixteen years of age ~ runaways, suicide cases ~ a phenomenon not only in my country but worldwide.

While parents, police and adults point finger at each other, we lose these kids to Dota, depression, drugs, the streets, pregnancy, sex slavery, rape and bullying. Are we listening to what they are saying?

I reached the ward and waited patiently for the doctor. While I did, I delighted myself looking at the newborns and little children playing around me. I prayed for each one of them.

They symbolize 'springtime' ~ God is, and these are His little flowers in the garden.

I remembered the new schedule I gave my Saturdates ~ we'll meet  every other Saturday. I was analyzing how effective our Catechism classes have been going. And perhaps, more than them, it is their own parents who need those classes, from reception of the Sacraments, growing in faith to the basic Bible stories. 

We all need to experience this Springtime in our lives. Smell the fresh roots ~ uncover the layers that have pushed God outside of our lives. Move forward in our journey and most of all, believe!

Expect to have hope rekindled. 
Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways.
The dry seasons in life do not last.
The spring rains will come again.
~ Sarah Ban Breathnach,

Invitation to become my chavruta (In this case: my partner, friend, spiritual companion) in these forty days of reflection. Feel free to write your name in the covenant:
My Covenant page (17), The Purpose Driven Life