Sunday, May 5, 2013


Life is meant to be shared,”  was Rick Warren's opening statement to the 18th Chapter of The Purpose-Driven Life. 

I think I'm going to engage forty days of my life in re-reading this book, I told myself. I had just experienced a miracle and it was a step forward to changing the course of my life. It was a 'momentary' consolation ~ an Easter gift from the Risen Christ. And I felt Him calling me some place else. Where, when and how, I'm still in the process of discerning ~ the way I'm redesigning my VB these past couple of months. What is it that God wishes me to do right now? at this moment?

The force of Spring ---
powerful beyond measure.
~ Micahel Garofalo,

I had these moments of revival ~ coming back here regularly ~ when a friend took particular interest in my writing. To paraphrase what he said, "Oh no, it's not the moment to take your rest. Someone out there needs to hear your story." Or perhaps, just to feel my presence. I have always been here but not fully.

I was out in the field Tuesday last week. I visited my friend in between work and found out that she had her last Chemotherapy session in April.  She told me that the entire process was 'detoxifying.'   While walking my way to the Pediatric Ward I pondered, I saw joy in my sick friend's eyes. She wanted to live more and took means to prolong it... how is that some of our young ones have lost their zest for life and take means to curtail it? 

Most of those we've encountered in the news lately are between fourteen to sixteen years of age ~ runaways, suicide cases ~ a phenomenon not only in my country but worldwide.

While parents, police and adults point finger at each other, we lose these kids to Dota, depression, drugs, the streets, pregnancy, sex slavery, rape and bullying. Are we listening to what they are saying?

I reached the ward and waited patiently for the doctor. While I did, I delighted myself looking at the newborns and little children playing around me. I prayed for each one of them.

They symbolize 'springtime' ~ God is, and these are His little flowers in the garden.

I remembered the new schedule I gave my Saturdates ~ we'll meet  every other Saturday. I was analyzing how effective our Catechism classes have been going. And perhaps, more than them, it is their own parents who need those classes, from reception of the Sacraments, growing in faith to the basic Bible stories. 

We all need to experience this Springtime in our lives. Smell the fresh roots ~ uncover the layers that have pushed God outside of our lives. Move forward in our journey and most of all, believe!

Expect to have hope rekindled. 
Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways.
The dry seasons in life do not last.
The spring rains will come again.
~ Sarah Ban Breathnach,

Invitation to become my chavruta (In this case: my partner, friend, spiritual companion) in these forty days of reflection. Feel free to write your name in the covenant:
My Covenant page (17), The Purpose Driven Life


  1. Ah, springtime! "Smell the fresh roots ~ uncover the layers that have pushed God outside of our lives."
    It is, indeed, a time for rebirth and renewal in our souls, dear Melissa. I absolutely love how the change in your blogs look and your wise words shared here today reflect this so beautifully and poignantly.
    You are such a dedicated servant of the Lord, and your light shines in all you write. I am so blessed to know you!
    Love and blessings!

    1. Thank you for pointing all these out Martha. I'm experiencing spring inside and out of me :)

      And I am blessed to have you as friend and prayer partner. You are one of my inspirations :)

      Lots of love!

  2. I think it's a great idea to read the Purpose Driven Life again. Many of my friends have read it and have gotten lots of out it. I haven't gotten the chance to read it yet, would love some of your thoughts on it! :)
    It's so sad what is happening all over the world, the pain, the open wounds in people's hearts that need healing. Those babies and children, and all who cross your path, are truly blessed by your presence and prayers.

    1. Come to think of it Jessica sis, Rick Warren urges that the reader finds one or more friends to join in reading the book. So it isn't just life but also a 'journey' that is shared :)Join me!

      You know dear sis, I thank God for parents who truly care for their children and I see that in you. Thank you!

      Lots of love!

  3. Replies
    1. Shukran Izdiher :) Will be visiting you in a while! Oh btw, is there Spring in Pakistan? Because in my country we haven't...

  4. Kids are a perfect analogy for springtime - they bring birth, renewal and hope. But as a new Uncle to a one year old, they also bring a lot of demands (haha) and tears when they don't get what they want.

    My thoughts and prayers are with your friend to cope with her cancer, Melissa. And a good reminder that we shouldn't wait to be on a sick bed or old age to start living life. Let's life life everyday and to the fullest, as your friends is (even while sick). And with God's presence in our lives.

    We all need a chauffer in our lives so I'm going to sign up to seek God's purpose in my life everyday. I have spurts of inspiration but 40 days of accountability should help keep me on an inspired path.

    1. Thank you very much Vishnu :)

      I do agree that kids could be very exigent. It's also a time to put the virtue of patience out of the box.

      Would you believe that almost all of those I've met with CA are the strongest people? They do remind me to take another look at my own life and how I live it now.

      I like the analogy of 'chaffeuring' other people.

      Let God inspire you everyday. God bless!

  5. dearest Mom,
    thank you for raising this most serious topic. I know what bullying is and how much damage it does to you, almost to the point of making you throw yourself down some cliff. Love and compassion is the only answer to the torments young people face these days. when I look around, I don't find many parents as understanding as my mom and dad, who understood my plight and helped me to come away from the brink of hurling myself into an abyss in time.

    1. Thank you for sharing this Portia. I'd also like to ask for your forgiveness for those times I made you felt I wasn't there for you.

      I pray for you each day and know that I care for you like a spiritual mother to her daughter. Lots of love!