Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Gift within A Gift:First Part

Wow! We’re on Day 8 already, Planned for God’s Pleasure, following Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life. My friend decided on taking off the weekends and it benefited me a lot as I reflect further on the Chapters that we took the entire week…

The Gift: The Journey with a Chaffeur

I humbly admit that it wasn’t an easy task to discuss my reflections with somebody else. As a young missionary in the late 1990s, we were accompanied by a Spiritual Director, who helped us discern the direction of our journey. But then later on, we were taught to stand on our own and discernment was carried on with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

At first, my friend and I were using ‘our’ words (what we know of and what we’ve learned). We were stuck with the beliefs we have formed through years of experience.  Everything seemed ‘mental’ and ‘intellectual.’ I wasn’t edified as much but as the days went by, my friend started using God’s Words through the Psalms he shared. I ceased judging the way we have been ‘faith sharing’ and began to admire his docility to the Spirit. We talked less about ourselves and focused more on God and how we are experiencing Him at this moment.

So from Day 7, The Reason for Everything, we went back to Day 1, It All Starts with God.

Abiding in God’s love

Today, Rick Warren asks in his book, “How is it possible to do everything to the glory of God?” He continues, “By doing everything as if you were doing it for Jesus.”

I took a piece of what I shared with my friend…

If this the way 'worship' is defined, then it's almost similar to 'contemplation,' being present to God. There is this deep awareness that I am before God and He is present in everything I do, from the most trivial things , e.g. washing the dishes, answering the phone, cooking, to my work in the office, then to bigger projects like reaching out to people in need. It is a continual conversation with Christ ~ ceaseless praying. However, one should also strike a balance between personal prayer and helping others. Putting to mind St. Dominic's ideal, “to speak only of God or with God."

Finally, Falling In Love ‘Again’ and ‘Again’ with Jesus

While sharing with my friend, I was brought to the initial days when I decided to become a missionary. There was this ‘spark’ that burned in my heart urging me to enjoy this God Who takes pleasure that I am alive and free. He continually works in and through us.

Let us pause at this moment and just enjoy God.                                                

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  1. I have a young friend Melissa who went back to South Africa to be a missionary. It sounded so easy but now she is far away from her family and she is very young, only 19. She stands strong in the faith and believes that God has a bigger plan for her life and that He wants to use her in the field. This post reminded me off her.