Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Awakening our Soul

It has been several weeks now since I started noticing how "positive" people are around me...

At one of the conventions I attended a few Saturdays ago, I helped out at the registration area where I immediately identified this 'beautiful soul' among the crowd ~ a vibrant guy ~ a new face ~ who kept on coming back to our desk to ask for the VIPs so he could assist them. We were not formally introduced until dinner time ~he was the recently hired Coalition coordinator~ but even before that, I was very eager to know his 'story.'

He had only one arm.

Apparently from the bone structure, the deformity was not inborn but was caused by an accident early 2000 New Year. What really caught my attention was his oozing confidence. It was the careful attention he gave each one of us that made him extraordinary ~ and here I was thinking, how could he give so much when he lacks a hand? 

He nourishes his "hidden life" with Christ and ministers to people like him. 

I remember an incident before I left the convent, at my days of depression. I overheard a comment a volunteer made, which until now clearly rings on my mind ~'NOW, I know it serves a purpose' ~ thank you. 

"Look at her [referring to me], she's complete yet incomplete at the same time." 

Complete with all the faculties the Lord has given me ~ rich in talents the world can benefit from ~ and yet I dis-abled my mind, closed my heart and hands and stifled my growth. In short, when I stopped giving, I ceased living...

My hands were full. I was holding on to security. Then the Lord said, "Let go, let go!" And when I finally did, He worked on me full time.

You see, change doesn't happen in a day, a month, not even a year. Time is relative to God. An experience should touch one's heart, break it open ~ to awaken the soul!

"The greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph."
~ Mr. Mendez, a line from The Butterfly Circus ~

We might find ourselves crippled, not necessarily by a deformity, a gene defect, a freaking accident, but by our own prison cells ~ FEAR, strict rules, narrow-minded parents, culture, religion, beliefs, inordinate attachments, judgment of other people. 

We were all born with wings:


... everything in its proper time ...

in God's perfect time...

*Kindly spend time to watch this.*

“The work of the eyes is done. 
Go now and do the heart - 
work on the images imprisoned within you.”

~Rainier Maria Rilke~

  God will always find all the means for us to open our doors to Him... 
listen to that voice that says, 

"You are precious in My eyes,
and honored, 
I love you."

~Isaiah 43,4~


  1. "An experience should touch one's heart, break it open ~ to awaken the soul."
    Yes, Melissa, this so speaks to my heart. We cannot live in fear, clutching at security; we are called to let go and let God. To trust in His timing and His grace working in our lives. Even when we can't feel it, He is growing us, calling us to His purpose. And, when we ask, He will help us find and open those doors.
    Love and blessings, dear one!

    1. Amen dear friend. What an affirmation! And I could easily see that it works well too in your life ~ the Lord is so good and generous to all of us ~ that is, we'll only come to know once we allow Him to work in our lives :) Love you lots!

  2. Melissa, I’d never seen The Butterfly Circus before, but how amazing and beautiful and stirring.
    If we could only see the beauty that can come from ashes.
    The greater the tragedy, the more glorious the triumph.

    Oh, and that quote by Rilke… ♥
    The work of the eyes is done.
    Go now and do the heart – work on the images imprisoned within you.

    Just wanted to stop by and say what a blessing you are dear one. ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. I have seen the short movie thrice and every time I did, I cried at the part when Nick lets the butterfly at the end... Beautiful~ yes, truly glorious Debra!

      Thank you for the visit and lots of love!

  3. "Crippled... but God gave us wings..." ~ This is the uplifting message I learned from your beautiful post today, Melissa. Thank you... Much love and God bless ♡♡♡

    1. God makes us whole and wholeness doesn't mean we're complete in ourselves...I believe that Jesus gives us light to see beyond our weaknesses and incapacities :) We are beautiful Irene ;) Love you! God bless!

  4. Melissa - I really enjoyed this post. Fear rules so much over us even to the point we don't let God in. But with ourselves and with out God, if we let go and embraced our vulnerabilities and our deformaties, God will take care of the rest. I've noticed that my most damaged parts of my life are the fertilizer for the most beautiful flowers to grow:)

    Every day is a struggle to break free and we need to remind ourselves to do so. Thank you for writing this powerful post Melissa. It's one of my favorite's on your blog. I feel like my triumph is going to be so great cause of the greatness of the struggle.

    1. Beautiful! Wonderful and amazing Vishnu :D ahahaha!

      I want to see you blooming fully ~ that's how we say thank you to each other :) Pay it always forward :D