Sunday, August 7, 2011

Co-Travelers in the Cyberworld

Is it possible to meet the "right" person on the Internet? you asked...

Is being the right person traced on one's looks (as we view them in their photos) ? personality (depending on what they write on their profiles) ? or on the more profound aspects--- sincerity? or purity of intentions?

Just what is it that we are looking for in the net? Why join various social networks? Why not stick on just one? Are we in need of friends? companions? a partner? chatmates? networking? forms of entertainment? Are we here for thrills? or frolic? pet games... farms... vampires... mafias... aquariums? Do we look for somebody to satiate our desires...our needs...our longings?

I personally come here because I find rest in my friends... pausing and reflecting... sharing thoughts... exchanging ideas... just being here... present and praying with and for them and their families...

But my answer is is possible to find true friends through the net... and to find what we are searching for if we look hard enough...

I believe that God sends us the right companions for our journey...

I believe that right person comes at the right time and at the right moment... they may come in many forms but they are always a blessing...not just an accidental meeting nor serendipity...

I've heard of betrayals, scams, jealousies among friends and couples... of cheating... and it's very easy to cover-up oneself because we don't see each other face-to-face... we may edit what we say... control our reactions and emotions... shut off our laptops whenever we feel like it...but it isn't that person whom we betray in the end...
We betray ourselves.


Give the gift of  the'true' you! 
- Anne Calodich Fone -

from my reflections with my Buddhist friend Jimmy 
and reflections on Deborah Scatteredmusing's


  1. agree with you Melissa...basically we are here to share our thoughts n our ideas but in the run there are few ppl who become so close to us like they are real frnds not a mere virtual one.
    Good post.....

  2. If we are hoping around from one social site to another, it s introspection time…

  3. Your post has reflected the storms going on in my mind to with joys and sorrows......thank you so much my sis......:)

  4. I agree with deeps. besides if you have that much time to be on more then one, you really need to start looking at your life lol. Melissa you always seem to be on target, always speaking to the key points of life. And here on a post about the internet and relationships you are spot on

    I believe that right person comes at the right time and at the right moment... they may come in many forms but they are always a
    blessing...not just an accidental meeting nor serendipity.

    Where or how you meet is not the important part of life it is that you met and what you take from that meeting. I never met Shakespeare , Poe or Baldwin in person but they were so important in my life!! I tweeted this..

  5. I love to make new friends in internet ..coz we share a lot whether its personal or any other matters .But i have met a great people like U i support your post !!

  6. I agree with you Melissa...there are no accidental meetings or connections or rendezvous...we always meet up with exactly the right person or circumstance to help us see different aspects of ourselves -- to know more about ourselves -- so we can become more of Who We Really Are.

    I have 'met' so many warm and giving people through facebook and blogging, and I appreciate all of these connections.

    I really enjoy reading your deeply thoughtful posts, Melissa. Thank you for sharing them.

  7. A very clear thought, Dear one!
    In sharing our thoughts when we come so close to each other,don't know..I've got so many lovely friends from cyber world and a dear one ;).
    Happy Friendship Day :)
    Keep Smiling ..miss you

  8. YES...I do believe u can find true friends and make relationships on the net..There r lots of people around u,some of them r important 4 u,
    out of these some people few r more important 4 u,and out of these few people,1 is most important 4 u,and 4 me that 1 is u my sweet friend...

  9. I think you said it here Melissa- "I believe that right person comes at the right time and at the right moment... "
    Perhaps the right time will come at the right time.

  10. Beautiful post Melissa! I think too that internet relationships can actually change the direction in life. I found someone in the internet - who from an internet nobody became a friend, then a deeper friend and then a business partner. I am now planning my life with her in that category I call my own business - She is great!

  11. Beautifully written dear! It's not them that we betray, but oneself. Loved it. So true.

  12. Melissa, I believe you must have posted this at the same time I was leaving such a long comment on your previous post :) I love my cyber friends, well some – like you! We share our heart and soul, and sometimes more easily than up close and personal, don’t we?

  13. Melissa o'wise one, relationships can be found any and everywhere. Purity can be sensed and spotted miles away. I love how you always make us think deeper about things such as love and life. Carry on!