Monday, August 8, 2011

Magnificent Monday:Cycle of Life

Magnificent Monday invitation from Jim McIntosh led me to write this post. He said,
"This is about joining together to share a good experience of your travels, or that vignette in life that brought you joy."

It's a mystery how God would lead me, if not to the same place,  to the same people to share my love and time with...

I've been to this place thrice at different stages of my life and as much as I wanted to go back, my journey took in another route...

my Satur-dates with these precious angels...

...I lost ten year old Adam to an unknown sickness and...
I've never mothered my 'own' children...


God gave me thrice as many Adams after his death and blessed me with children I could take care of...

So, what does God ask of you today?

Here are the links that celebrate the cycle of life:

Jim Brandano
Mari Sterling Wilbur

Thank you Jim McIntosh...MM's truly magnificent...
Thank you Jim Brandano for including my mom's image in your post.


  1. You touch so many lives with your love and your soul. These children benefited so much from having you in their lives!!! I tweeted and Google buzz this

  2. Lovely to read and see the photos of the children. Enjoy your "Satur-dates"!

  3. beautiful photos and words. you are truly special.

  4. It is so true, Melissa...sometimes we think we know where we can help the most, but God knows much more than we do, and if we allow, will guide us to where we are needed.

    You have both blessed and been blessed...every life you've touched with love is forever after changed. You are one of God's earth angels ❤

  5. I'm glad you wrote this Melissa, very touching.

  6. as I always say,I have blessed in a special way to have u in my life,u are the most beautiful person I have ever seen,in heart mind,body and soul,God bless u always..

  7. Oh partner...congratulation for being there at the moment. It's never too late to be what we might have been.Your the angel sent for these angels.

  8. Your pure heart and soul reflects in all of your writings soul sis. Lovely post

  9. beautiful post from a beautiful heart.


    oops here is mine.