Sunday, August 28, 2011

Only Through Time

Oooo September's coming and I'll be turning "..." 
I've never felt this 


 except for this year. 
I wish I could just hibernate (a term my friend Anna Sides recently shared)  or go some place else
and find a different way to live my existence...

A young friend from school, Joan, sent me this thought-provoking message...
"There are moments when all of a sudden in a split second your life changes forever...Before,you know it, you're already someone else..." 
For the most part, I wonder how God insists on working through time allowing each of us to write our own histories...

And as we weave our own stories, 
we get involved with all sorts of situations and get entangled with all kinds of people...of course always depending on the choices we make...

I refuse to give in to regrets...yes, I always recount the past. The difference is, I've learned to accept it along with the consequences of my decisions...

My life has definitely changed and sometimes as I walk along the way, I grope in the darkness...somehow reaching for the light at the end of this long tunnel...

I am a child always at wait...

but the only way to actualize another milestone is to develop my skills 

"La gioia della conquista e' tanto piu' sentita, quanto piu' arduo e' stata la lotta (R. Tagore)


  1. This was sad... I hear that little girl looking for answers and finding only fairy tales. Melissa look to the future within yourself and let the past fade into a distant memory not forever gone but just a veiled memory!!! We change our lives not others at least not the really big changes!!! Sometimes we need to make a change it could be in a relationship, a job or a way of thinking!!! You are to good and to wise not to chart your own course!!!

  2. sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past .. stop planning the future .. stop trying to figure out precisely how we feel .. stop deciding with our mind what we want our heart to feel and sometimes we just have to go with "whatever..happens..happens".Every new day is another chance to change your life...Live your life to the fullest...and let life take its own course....

  3. Sometimes it is difficult to divorce ourselves from the past. We tend to over analize and to pull all the experiences apart to make sense from it. My motto in life has always been: "Life is all about choices". You make a choice and a whole new chapter is written..that is awesome! From those choices we learn and grow.

    A big hug!

  4. Because of your smiles, a lot of people's day brightens. Because of your posts, a lot of people get inspired.

    You may not know it but for some people, you are an inspiration and their strength.

    And one of those people out there is me. You're a wonderful person inside and out. Sometimes, I can't help but to smile and thank God that He lets me meet you and became my friend.

    I dunno what to say. I'm just grateful. If I could only go inside this monitor and see you, I would hug you tightly. But of course I can't. I'm just hoping that with this, you'll know that A LOT OF PEOPLE APPRECIATES YOU AND LOVES YOU.


    One day, SOONER, Before I leave, I promise I'll meet you. ( Can you text me where is your exact location and your schedule? :p I'm a globe user that's why sometimes it's hard for me to text you. hahaha. I'll be in Quezon City from Sept. 10 till I dunno :p )

    Flying kisses,

  5. I appreciate your thoughts.Past teaches us a lot and a need is to learn from that in-spite of regretting.One finds a change comparing to past but he does not know that he was changed with that past and certainly he comes to know about that in future...Darkness won't be able to stay for a longer period only if your thoughts and will is strong and bright!

    I'm eagerly waiting for your special day my dear one :)..
    Love you, my dear one and do not think a lot!
    Be Happy Always<3 :)

  6. Melissa, I wish I could fly down to your place on sep 19th and be with you on your birthday. I am a joker and can make anyone laugh, you would laugh too. But all I can do from here is send you virtual Long distance hugs and best wishes for your happy day. Past can remain a happy memory, live in the moment like Alpana says.

  7. Blase is a word I was looking for...why does Blase hurt so...why do you one day wake up and realize you are existing...surviving..but not many Why's....As always...XOXOXOXO

  8. Words I think most of us can relate too! Today is who you are now, try to enjoy.

  9. He will turn our mess into a MESSAGE, our test into a TESTIMONY, and our pain into POWER! I don't quite understand why we must go through so much pain, sorrow, and loneliness... but I do believe that it is our training ground to where He is taking us. We can't skip through the testing/wilderness period. From Egypt to the Promise land... From the Pit to the PALACE!

    Like the butterfly... we will FLY!

  10. We all have the ability to transform blase into the past I have also asked myself these same questions that you are asking, and I kept searching for my answers and solutions. Yours are available to you also, Melissa...we need to look forward to see them.

    Much love to you ❤

  11. "I am equal to the changes I am facing,
    my skills are strong, and growing stronger,
    each day, change comes, pushing me to learn,
    my mind expands and grows, my spirit is strong,
    my future is bright, setbacks are only temporary,
    and I am growing more confident, with each day"

    time is always changing. time is the best healer. it will transforms you as a learner, as a creator of your own present.

    you may wait, but do not stop your growth and transformation in this process. let the child laugh, dance and play all the tunes of life that naturally comes her way. hurt? holding on to it is not necessary. hold on to the best moments, let go the hurt, forgive the hurtful moments. live life. the child in you deserves lot more, discover for her what's the best.

  12. Hello,

    We must looks at the positives life brings in front of us , thought there might be some -ve's but we must take +ve inspiration from them is a constant change and we have to make us our-self dynamic to those changes.
    So Accepting life as it comes and enjoying every moment of it ..its a Journey which we must continue and not lost in web of thoughts.

    take care..And all the best for life forward.

    Take care.

  13. You may still be mourning the past and not ready to move forward... Give yourself time and observe those emotions or thoughts and try not to judge or hold on to them... Without those past experiences you would not be the person you are today...

  14. Melissa my soul sis, I know what you are going through, I am too, in my own way. I am practicing the art of living this moment only. I have decided to leave the future to itself and let each day become a page to my story that I live conscious of every moment. It is a liberating feeling. Someone up there is watching us and I am sure whatever he sends our way we will deal with it bravely. Hope your birthday brings something real special in your life. Love you

  15. Melissa,

    I feel the depth of your emotions and wish to send you a hug across the wires. I love that you are aware in the feelings and articulating them. They will pass and recede just like flood waters and then you will be left with the rainbows. Much love to you dear writer and dear friend.

  16. May God send His healing peace and love into your heart and direct you on the path you should travel. LIfe isn't always easy, and people, though sometimes well intentioned can mislead and misdirect us. May you always listen to that small still voice within you that will never lead you astray.
    Love you sis. Sending prayers your way.