Thursday, February 2, 2012

Il Viso dell'Amore

1 February 2012

I woke up with a big smile today and greeted everybody with so much happiness that one colleague asked me if I were in a 'new' relationship. 

by Syed Alfandi Mansor
Well... I am. 

I found myself immersed in LIFE ~ 
This morning, I had my shoes almost ripped off in the train station. I wasn't exactly smiling at the person who did it. In fact, I squirmed my way towards the second floor. Ooo, it has been like this since the day I started working two years ago. The only difference is, people started forming a line 'lines'. I wanted to take a picture and post it as a Friday moment or suggest it to be a part of  our "It's more 'FUN' in the Philippines" tourism campaign. 

I 'survived' entering the train. I didn't even have to lift a muscle because the men beside me 'dragged' me inside. Whew! 

I  (brisk) walked my way towards the office when the cars stopped right at the pedestrian lane. It confuses me that they repainted it and people couldn't use it because there were cars on it. Oh well...

While in the elevator with wall mirrors, I saw my reflection. Oh geez, I looked awful! And I started laughing ('Che pazza!' Is this the face of Jesus people see reflected on me?). The people beside me looked at me thoughtfully and I found my way out of the lift.

I could imagine Him laughing at me right that very moment...

I am in a relationship with myself. I could express what's in my heart and head with ease. Whenever I feel myself apologizing for no cause, Corinne's post  Everyday Gyaan: Are You A Gnat? comes to my mind and I ask myself, 'Am I ?'

I breathe fresh air. I have a right to live in joy!

I am in a relationship with others. As I allow myself freedom to become more my true self, I become more understanding and more patient with the people who surround me ~ most especially the ones I always come in contact with. 

I learn to receive not just give. Not just give but to give more.

I am in a relationship with the world. I become more engaged and more aware of other people's presence not just in my google circle of friends or colleagues at work, I am a part of a bigger reality called life. 

I exist. I belong.

And most of all, I am in a relationship with God. While reflecting on this, I remembered my conversation with my soul sis Sancheeta. She asked me if my heart and mind were telling the same thing because I was asking God for someone and yet another thing occupies my heart. 

So it always brings me back to my heart check up...

 and there I hear that I am loved...
 and I allow myself to be loved.


  1. and I'm smiling too..have a good one..

  2. Lovely much depth and reflection here...I am in relationship with myself too...cheers to that.

  3. It's a nice picture, have a huge meaning inside the picture, don't you lissa? I'm Irone from indonesia, just wanna make friend with you, please visit my blog at, please become my follower too, thank you..

  4. Just beautiful, Melissa!
    Love to see your smiling face and know you are in right relationship with God, yourself, and others. That's when you discover the real you! :)
    Blessings, my dear!

  5. I thank Him to put me in relationship with you!

  6. This brought a wide smile to my face Melissa. Wonderful, inspirational post you have written. Great job!

  7. You made me smile Melissa! Have a wonderful day and keep on smiling!!!

  8. You always make me think and this time you also made me smile!!!! We need to love ourselves first before we can ever really love anyone.

  9. You post made me smile, wonderful :)

  10. Yes ARTner allow that love to flow...

  11. I am so happy for your soul sis. I know I dont communicate with you enough but thoughts of you are always in my heart. When you accept things as they are and surrender yourself to god with your heart and soul, miracles happen. You dont have to search, happiness and love will come on its own. And I truly wish you so much happiness and love Melissa.

  12. Such depth, such beauty and so much wisdom, Melissa! I love that you are in a relationship with you♥

  13. And a beautiful Soul you are, dear Melissa!
    The Lord bless you and keep you always...
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Debra

  14. Loving you is the biggest risk you'll ever take, also the most rewarding. In loving yourself you are then free to love others. Wonderful and inspiring post. You made me smile with this.

  15. Wow...I love reading about your journey as it unfolds and seeing where it is taking you. Beautiful post sis.

  16. This is beautiful Melissa! I wish I could have seen you that day wearing that lovely smile. Your relationships sound full, nurturing and mutually beneficial. This post makes me feel warm inside. I'm happy to be a part of your circle! HUGS!

    Lyric Fire: Lace-Fronts and Hymn Books: A Poem About Self-Anointed Truth Talkers

  17. Hello Melissa.
    Love is a beautiful thing when shared, but first we must learn to love ourselves (not always easy to do) before we can even begin to love someone else. It's always good when you can laugh at yourself...I do it often. I love what you said about being in a relationship with yourself...I feel that way about me too! LOL
    You have a beautiful smile & I know you have a big heart, full of honesty, compassion & love. May your journey in rediscovering yourself always be a pleasant one.
    Lovely, inspiring post.
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. Beautiful n indepth just like u..

  19. I wish I was in that lift with you so you could see the smile on my face....loving you sweet melissa....As always...XOXOXOXO

  20. How wonderful that you glow with the love of these relationships! They're what life is all about. Brilliant words. xoxo

  21. This is a lovely post and great pictures too xx

  22. Lovely, A glimpse into your life, and you have painted it all beautifully. I hope to learn from you how to pics in such appealing format ! Inspiring :)

  23. ..fall in love wid urself over n over again Melissa..dat is d best way to rain bouquets of happiness over oneself...paradise will land on earth if u keep doing dat...d serpent of sadness and pain will stay miles miles away frm u... was a wonderful post..i loved it...
    ..travelling in metro out here in delhi also is a nightmare...ppl travel like cattle..d odour of ppl makes it d time wen pick pockets make merry..i had dat unforgettable experience of being pick pocketed once...many months back.. :)