Saturday, February 18, 2012

Is God a Panacea?

Somewhere, sometime before The Widow Lady Lisa Brandel moved over to Facebook, I read a couple of her posts and it led me to five Truths she revealed about herself . I took it as an assignment to face myself in the mirror and look at myself straight in the eye everyday...

I know it'll take me forever to acquiesce everything in me...
 I'd cry over some things I see...
and laugh at times...
it is totally liberating...

When I moved out of our house at twenty, I found myself always sick in the dorm where I lived but instead of taking me to the doctor, the person-in-charge gave me a book...

Have you ever read this one? Louise L. Hay, You Can Heal your Life
(Phil.ed Diliman, QC:Claretian Publications,1995)
I was so curious what it had to tell me so I leafed through the pages and came across this...


I have never thought of it this way. However, sixteen years later, an intimate friend confided that my blood pressure lowers everytime something bothers me and I haven't addressed it.

As much as I assert myself in matters like children's and women's rights, I realized that I do tend to ignore certain issues in my life. I thought I did others a favor by just pushing things inside...anyways, I thought, nobody will ever know how I truly feel.

I lacked sincerity...

"People lie to protect themselves and cover for their mistakes. Some will lie to appear more agreeable and to impress others in a social situation. 
In effect, they want to elevate their self-esteem."

-Gina de Venecia, "Lying Behavior", Dear Manay Gina, Tempo,
Vol. 30 No. 049 ISSN 0116-3973, Saturday, February 18, 2012, p.7

My friend asked me if I did a favor to myself when I accumulated negative energies in my body. Since the body never lies...the truth holds,

"Garbage in, garbage out."

I,finally, consulted a doctor and he asked me why I mortified my body (This was what I meant by Rafa-el coming to me one night). 

I took my antibiotics and felt better in a few days...

The Spirit blows life and if I truly wish to share God's joy to others then I should start healing...

I was so self-absorbed, Rafa-el had to reach out for me...

"Choose," He said to me smiling...

So, I sing this to me everyday :)

"When I feel the love inside myself... it's easy to love you..."
-Jai Josephs-

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  1. Congratulations, and I am very proud of you my dear <3 And what a beautiful, healing and cleansing five things it was! <3 Go boldly, you are loved!!!

  2. :-) we all have our demons, some unresolved issues. In spite of reading the positive mental attitude books, spiritual books we do get bogged down by daily upheavals in our lives. I too have read Louise L Hay's books and have made it a habit of repeating affirmations...many times it works...yet sometimes it is better to feel those feelings and let go.

  3. It is quite common for anyone to feel low at times and to feel enthusiastic as well. But the show must go on. And by the grace of God, He has favored us with a feel - 'love', which gives the strength to carry on. Lovely write.

  4. Yes, Melissa, until we truly love ourselves, we cannot completely love others. You are beautiful and blessed just the way you are and the way you are growing as God's precious child.
    Blessings, my dear, and thank you for sharing this window to you soul.

  5. many years ago I reached such a low point in my life I could not stand looking at myself; I took down all of the mirrors in my house...finally after seeking help and doing lots of work, I am finally comfortable in my own skin. I can look in the mirror and love what I see. Thank you so much for your openness and honesty.

  6. This is so true! Especially as givers and doers, we tend to do more for others than ourselves. We need love ourselves FIRST and then we will be able to share much more LOVE with others. BEHOLD the BEAUTY within.

  7. I found you on Linky followers and am now following you! Please visit my page when you have a chance

  8. Melissa, this is such an honest sharing..I am deeply moved...Yes loving ourselves is the biggest gift we can give to ourselves and to the world. The God who created us loves us unconditionally, so won't He be the happiest when we accept and love ourselves? Waiting to hug you in real life...for now we'll settle for virtual hugs, dear sister of mine. ♥

  9. My dear Melissa,
    Each one of us is a blessing from God. We were all created by Him from love to love and be loved in return. Loving always starts with us, with self. We have to love ourselves first before we can freely love another. It's only when we realize our own self worth that we see things differently. Sickness & ill-health all come from human imperfection. While we have life on this earth, we have to do what we can to make our lives as enjoyable as possible. If that means taking medicines for us to feel better, then that's what we must do. I know very well it's not easy for some people to love themselves. Keep on your journey Melissa. You are blessed and you are loved.
    Thank you for your openness and honesty and for allowing us into your life to accompany you on your journey. ♥

  10. Melissa, reading your heartfelt post makes me see how similar we all are. We move forward and then fall behind again, with each trial raising the bar higher and higher. I believe that sometimes we think we are the only ones with issues. We feel alone and sometimes ashamed. In reality, we are all facing the same challenges and striving to learn and to grow. By opening up Melissa, you show that it is okay to be who we are and that we need to accept and love ourselves.
    Sending love to you. Thank you for your honesty and light.

  11. Love you sis...I think you are really experience a time of growth in your faith and understanding. I pray you have continued healing and that a light always shines brightly on your path. I love how introspective and honest you are, not many can truly search inside themselves like that, it is a definite strength you have that will aid you in your journey.

  12. Dear Melissa,

    I am deeply moved and also impressed by your self-reflection and authentic sharing. Thank you for allowing me into your world a little closer! Love, XOXOX

    "I will give thanks to you because I have been so amazingly and miraculously made. Your works are miraculous, and my soul is fully aware of this." -- Psalm 139:14

  13. Wonderful post Melissa thank you or sharing your innermost self with us. I have been looking at me for a while now. It is a difficult task at times, but always worth the time. opening doors I thought I should keep closed, but the release was of monumental proportions in my heart. I was then able to offer honesty to the people I cared about. thank you for this Melissa.<3

  14. God has sent you to heal girls like me!

  15. Interesting book. I wonder if it's still available in bookstores. :p This post really hit me.

  16. This is so beautiful and honest.......Thank you....Loving you...As always...XOXOXOXOX

  17. Thank you for opening up, Melissa. So much to learn from your sincerity. This taught me something today. :-)

  18. Melissa, you SHOULD love yourself the just the way you are.
    God does. Here's another song for you, one that HE could have easily written just for you...
    ~ love ~ peace ~ blessings ~

  19. Dear one, your vulnerability is your strength! You have the power to admit and say the deepest things about your inner world and in that there is healing. Not many people can do this and do it with poetry, authenticity and honesty. You are God's flower and the world is more beautiful because you are in it. Hugs and love!