Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fall In Love: A Peek into the Hidden Life

I have ventured into a very ‘exciting experience' these past few weeks following my Purpose Driven Life Sessions... 

~ Silent, hidden, delightful ~ journey to the heart

A couple of friends started asking me to pray with and for them at regular hours and I did so ~ diligently waking up at the time we have agreed upon to pray together ~ meditating God's Words as the day progresses. 

*It has been several years since I have taken hold of my breviary and prayed with a community... 

A group of Dominicans gathered in adoration and prayer
taken after typhoon Maring.
I had a chance to pray with them.

Immersed in prayer with spiritual companions led me to understand the depth and importance of praying for others.

I've also been carefully rereading a compilation of homilies and reflections of a Spiritual Father and took in short retreats and visited the Blessed Sacrament in between the holidays we had last week.

Some friends would ask me 'how come' continue a life similar to the one I had before? How come when I had already been given 'freedom' to lead a 'totally different life?'

"Man looks at the outward appearance--but the Lord looks at the heart."

It wasn't the 'habit' that I wore that made me religious...

adapted image on charcoal by me

"The Beloved's Face need not be present on this portrait for the focus is on the Bride who takes her delight at the presence of the Groom that her soul longed for."

~ a spiritual companion~

I ventured, yes, in an exciting but difficult task, to share something that should be lived rather than explained...

Only God knows what is happening inside each one of us...

Again, where you are in your journey is where you should be... 

Pazienza! Corragio!

But when the time comes that He'd like to take you into an adventure ~ be ready to respond...

Supplement Readings:


Celebration with my Satur-dates

We practiced some songs before we had our formal lessons. 

Thanksgiving after the typhoon


  1. Melissa, I love the idea of praying for and with others at a specific time each day. How wonderful!
    This is a beautiful post, filled with joy and peace. And, you drawing of the "bride" - luminous! What talent God has given you, my dear.
    Love and blessings always!

    1. Thank you so much dear friend! You are one of my first prayer partners and you understand this much :)

      I have always prayed for friends but have never done it together with any as with a fixed schedule.

      How good and how wonderful it feels to belong to such a community with strong faith!

      Love you lots dear friend :*

  2. Beautiful piece Melissa, Let the Lord lead, trust His guidance for your life. You will know, in your heart, what He wants from you. The Apostle Paul met with the same question. He chose service; yet, left that choice up to each Christian. Only you and God know your heart. Whatever your heart says, that's God. Trust Him. I love your charcoal drawing....Beautiful!!! God bless you!!!

    1. Thank you for your visit Daniel. You have captured the essence of the post ~ yes, there is an inner sanctuary in each of us where only God and I 'know' ~ . How deep is the knowledge of Christ of me!

      Thank you for the compliment on my drawing too :) Lots of love and God bless!

  3. We all need more prayer in our lives so a set prayer and regular prayers are ideal Melissa! Please throw in an extra prayer or 5 for me:) I need it!

    Also, as you correctly point out, you don't have to change your life, lifestyle or habits when it comes to God. I don't think you're living two different lives and even if you are, I think both lives are guided by God. And you're able to be a shining light and reflection of the Almighty! Only God knows our hearts so let's spend more time tuning him into our lives.

    Is your classroom growing with more Saturdates? These kids looked thrilled to be there. When can niece Audrey join the gang:)? !

    1. We are already praying for each other right? I've included you in my daily prayers.

      Thank you for your understanding Vishnu ~ only my way of dressing up changed... but inside, I'm still the same.

      Thank you. Please pray for my little Satur-dates too :)

  4. Melissa enjoy your journey with Spirit. This is what you were created for...what we were all created for—to love and serve through this divine love. You are such a bright light. <3

    1. Thank you very much Leah ~ I agree with what you said ~ it's full of wisdom.

      And thanks God that bright light!

  5. What a beautiful prayer reflection. I could feel the peace in my spirit called forth by your words and photos.

    1. Thank you so much Galen ~ when someone else feels that serenity then it is a confirmation :)

      Lots of love!

  6. Happy and smiling faces! So lovely to see Melissa! I love this post and it is so important to pray for other Christians. I always keep my friends in my prayers especially the ones that is in need of a special prayer. Blessings dear Friend!