The Bride, The Bridegroom and the Bridegroom's Friend

Note: What I originally intended to be a simple presentation of my spiritual relationship with my friend took on a profound meaning as we drew deeper into the reflection of the spousal relationship of Christ to the Church [the Bride, also referring to Mary].

 Icon of Christ, the Bridegroom and Mary, the Bride Church 
in the Chapel of Our Lady, Sacro Speco, Subiaco, Italy

*Sources of Reflection/ Image: Icon of the Spouse
                                            The Church-Bride Medieval Iconography


HE encouragingly looked at me as I took a deep breath.

"I am ready Ahuv sheli  {my Beloved},"  and I took His hand ...

He reached out for the pen and wrote a beautiful love story ... 
        The gift ... "a mirror to my soul"...
            Spiritual Friendship

images from google and pics shared by melissa & daniel
music Please Remember by Leann Rimes
and Someday by Marisa Sukosol Numphakdi
Reflections and words by Daniel B

"I was there  with you as you were walking under the rain. You let me walk with you I was glad.

I needed no words to say, you knew me.

We walked together for quite a while until the rain stopped.

Then another Person came, I know It's our Beloved- Jesus.

He took His place-- He was with you.

He looked at me and smiled as if saying, "I'll take over...We'll continue the journey."
Then I thought, "The Bridegroom came for His Bride". 
The Bridegroom's friend's role is over, now that they both found each other...
"He must increase... I must decrease..."

The Bridegroom is there to take His Bride from His best friend.
The Bridegroom, the Bride and the Best friend of the Bridegroom.
I smiled at Him as I watched both of you continue the journey..."
daniel b+
~spiritual friend~


  1. Excellent one, very expressive...

    1. Thank you very much John Paul. You have graced the relaunch of my blog with its new name. God bless+

  2. It is a beautiful thing to have found the One, Melissa. You give Him glory by wholeheartedly expressing it on your blog. More blessings to you. ♡ :-)

    1. How have you been Irene? It's the very same way you do with your art :) We best glorify God through our own creativity ~ the talents He gifted us with and most especially the love that we put in everything we do and share with the people He gave us to journey with.

      The ONE+ ~ such an endearing word! Lots of love always Irene :)

  3. Guy and Daniel G, thank you for the comments you sent in my messenger. You are real brothers in Christ+

  4. "I am ready..." such a beautiful way of expressing preparedness. It is a gift to have found a companion in life's journey. Much more if this friendship is deeply rooted in the love of God. Always giving...
    My prayers will accompany you as you allow the One you love continue writing with you your love story. Love story has many plots but I'm sure it will have a happy ending :D

    1. Love has always been there present with me ~ waiting patiently til I open my heart [as the Thai song in the background goes]...

      I receive you as a precious gift from the Lord. You are such a blessing as you came at the right moment in my life.

      Thank you for journeying with me. Oui, the Lord continues to write this love story for me. I do believe in 'happy endings' :) What great HOPE there is for those who believe!


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