Saturday, April 19, 2014

At the Foot of the Cross

'There' He led me to ponder on His GREAT LOVE...

Everything I am before Him was laid bare... 

I couldn't look at Him for a long time for I knew in my heart how much I have done Him wrong...

and yet He continued to gaze on me, piercing me through with those same compassionate loving eyes.

"I slipped His fingers, I escaped His feet, I ran and hid, for Him I feared to meet. One day I passed Him, fettered on a Tree, He turned His Head, and looked, and beckoned me.

"Neither by speed, nor strength could He prevail. 
Each hand and foot was pinioned by a nail. He could not run or clasp me if He tried, 
But with His eye, He bade me reach His side.

"For pity's sake, thought I, I'll set you free.
'Nay --- hold this cross,' He said, 'and follow me.
This yoke is easy, this burden light, Not hard or grievous if you wear it tight.'

~ Elizabeth Cheney ~

Three of my former companions inside the walls appeared to me in my dreams for three successive nights. What baffled me was, I wore a 'habit' ~ the one that I gave up several years ago... AND... I felt this 'love' towards them. Have I begun to love that part of me which I have not accepted for so long?

I have not entered a Franciscan church but twice nor have I spoken directly to any priest nor sister after I was dispensed...

But this full week of silence has again invited me to look into my heart where Jesus wished to stay.

I thought I could do much ~ write my reflections on my blog, do vids, create music and draw... but my time is no longer mine... 

Looking back at those six months I spent with my spiritual friend, those 'novitiate days' I had with him [July-December 2013], I realized how much of my prayer life has been revived and so was the joy of 'consecration.'

He has carried my cross for me for a time and when we met, he has taught me the value of real loving... by taking up my cross again... throwing off all securities, expending my energies for others, praying for others' souls...


Source: Guy Fortin (@Even_haezer)

"So did I follow Him Who could not move,
An uncaught captive in the hands of Love."

          ~ Elizabeth Cheney ~

A week spent with Venerable Fulton Sheen's reflections:
Our Cross
Good Friday 


  1. The awakening of impassioned love is far more enduring than 'first-love'. Once you've found it, it will be there to last. It's like saying "though first love never dies, true love buries it alive" so that what remains is a kind of love perfected by living it daily with the One loved+ conscious and aware of the journey ahead. I like your parable of "re-awakened love", a great adventure is unfolding before your eyes! Be joyful... Hold tight! He whom you love may take you to places you have never been before...

    1. I have always believed in love ~ true love that is. True love, perfected in time because it is purified. Everything you wrote is beautiful and edifying. I will hold on tight and never ever let go. I am ready for this great adventure+

      Thank you for your visit Daniel. Lots of love+

  2. So happy to see this post and reflections M! This vision and dream follows acceptance, love and inspiration of your past life. And glad that you are journeying with God's love and grace, traveling on God's schedule, not yours.

    You always inspire me to further strengthen and deepen my relationship with God. Hope you are well, dear friend:)

    I have a feeling that you're going to be gifted with more time for writing and sharing your commitment to God via more blog posts:)

    1. Hi Vishnu. It has been a long time since I last wrote, the gaps in between were spent to deepen the strong spiritual experiences. I feel blessed in so many ways.

      Thank you ~ everything comes easier once things are revealed :)

      I continue to pray for you too. Trust in Him always, he knows what is best for you. God bless you and your family!

  3. Your writings are always spiritual:)..
    I hope you're fine:)

    1. Hi Zarnab. I think it's a compliment with a smile :) I am well. Thank you for visiting my page :)