Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Sacred Place

Like Moses before the burning bush, we took off our shoes as we entered the Hindu temple...

It was the first time I ever saw one...
In Chinatown, Singapore is built the oldest hindu temple... We saw the different faces of the hindu gods displayed on the roof and ceilings of the sacred place...

    There was a ceremony at that time... 

As we moved along, observing... listening... I became present to the great variety of forms we could actually communicate with the Sacred within...

When I sail the oceanic
Mystery of Silence,
Inspiration comes as a breeze
Which divides the sea
Down to her depths...
                    THE SACRED PLACE
Call it a desert,
A cave,
A Hermitage,
Call it a Temple,
A Sanctuary,
An inner castle of a mystic
Or a Carmel of a Saint.

It's the space where wholeness dwells
Where eternity embraces time,
Where the Mighty One is weak.

The Master simply called it thy room,
Where to be is to understand
"Be still..."
"The Father and I are One."

by mdej,ocd, Religious Life Asia:Interreligious Dialogue and Consecrated Life,Vol.3,no.4,Oct-Dec,2001,33

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  1. hey melissa...i m Indian(Hindu)
    why you were scared...yeah Indian GOD has different types of weapons..but those are for protecting us(human kind)..they attacked only our negativity..not on us...

    ad yeah in Hindu Tradition we used to take off our shoes before entering temple because temple is a holy place and shoes are supposed to dirty in hindu culture...even we take off our shoes before entering our own house(though there is another additional reason for that family hygiene)...

    wonderful pics..