Sunday, November 17, 2013

Love Never Fails

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I woke up after an hour's rest...

I couldn't bring myself to write, draw, make music much less do my usual spiritual readings. My blog was devoid of inspiration...  

I took a momentary vacation from some friends...

Midnight, I hooked into music and waited until my thoughts cleared out...

Love Never Fails
~Brandon Heath~

He came quietly into my life at the time I was 'ready to receive' love ~ 

To care means first of all to empty our own cup and to allow the other to come close to us.
  ~ Henri Nouwen~

He took me out of the frenetic world I lived in and brought me to his heart....

I felt my pulse come alive ~ 

Inside his heart resided
             ~ the ONE I loved!

I followed the rhythm of his heart beat...

My soul learned to breathe....

We mirrored each other in so many ways...

I loved children, he worked with the old and forgotten...

We both took extra miles for the people we served...

but most importantly,
we shared Christ's love...

Together, we were a team...

I knew God will take him to another place one day...

The threat of 'loneliness' surfaced....                     

"When your love is truly giving and receiving, those whom you love will not leave your heart even when they depart from you."

~ Henri Nouwen ~

It's still a long way for me to understand the path leading to the Cross but


     It takes reality to truly descend .... 
and teach the value of trusting the Lord...

of giving up everything I held in my mind to be true...

~ Halt ~

 I was led to a place of solitude ~ where all my images of God have been broken. 

God sends friends not to fulfill our desires, longings nor inner cravings for attention...

if they compete with Jesus,
they become idols...

God sends them to manifest  His love and to make His presence felt.

Where there was once words, 
He replaced with silence but...
The Light within continues to glow...

"Even profound than love is faith,
~ Fr. Henri Boulad ~
All is Grace: God and the Mystery of Time

He is a part of me!

Death, sickness, suffering lured their way inside my abode... 

but I echo his words..."Jesus is always present within you."

Nothing can separate us from God's love.
(cf Rom 8,38)

My eyes were opened to other people suffering the same way...

Jesus showed me the way through the desert...
to embrace it fully as His own ....

"In the very place where we are most alone,
we discover that we are deeply connected to others 
through God's grace."
~ Henri Nouwen~
The Essential Henri Nouwen

never apart...
but together,
along with the others

til we meet 

in Heaven...


  1. Sweet girl that you are, what a marvelous post. I have missed your words so much. <3

    1. Hi Jan ~ thank you so much for the visit. I missed you too so much and I have noticed that you have put up your new Wordpress blog. I'm looking forward to visit you too ~ soon. I just need to clear my schedules.

      Thank you for your uplifting words. Sometimes, I do not know how to get back to the system when I haven't written for a long time. Sometimes, words fail me too ~ I just know in my heart what is happening. It is not as comprehensible as it seems right now but everything will be revealed in God's time :)

      Lots of love! I continue to pray for you and your family.

  2. Glad to see this post Melissa! You are so right - we often take everything that God brings us and value that instead of the God that's bringing something to us. God sends everything to make his presence felt and to allow us to love Him, follow HIm and keep him the center of our life. With God's love and presence, we can go out into the world and spread His message.

    Although we have to live in the world, let's ensure that all of our interactions with the world, people and circumstances are filled with that divine presence and love.

    1. I'm definitely surprised by your comment Vishnu. It's the first time you didn't tell me you didn't understand what I wrote :) But you got the point I raised here ~ thank you!

      True, sometimes, the gift becomes more important than the Giver. So every time a visitation occurs, we should ask for light and discernment that we may fix our eyes always to the Lord.

      I felt Jesus' presence through this spiritual companion ~ it's truly fascinating for me that the Lord could allow Himself to be seen in such ways.

      And when the time comes for him to go, the Lord knows I could continue my life from there with serenity. What He allowed me to experience is such a great gift.

      Thank you for your understanding. I was touched by what you last wrote me. Yes, I will take the time.

      Lots of love Vishnu. You continue to inspire me with your very own journey. We shall catch up soon.

  3. People do come into our lives for a reason. Sometimes it is God's way of relaying His message of love to us. This person certainly did make a huge impact on your spiritual life, Melissa. Surely there will come a time that they have to go, which can be sad, but I guess the role they are playing in our lives is over when that happens. Nonetheless, how they inspired us and made a difference in our lives will forever remain in our hearts.

    I know how you've been busy, but it's so good and such a comfort to read your reflections once again, Melissa. Much love to you and God bless! ♡

    1. All I want to do right now is hug you Irene ~ I really have no words to simplify this experience. It's completely overwhelming. Sometimes, tears are enough ~ but these are tears of gratitude this time. The Lord is so generous ~ merciful and full of love for each one of us. He knows our needs and gives gifts in a way that satisfies our heart.

      The Lord has fulfilled all my desires except one and for that I have to wait...

      Thank you for your visit ~ I will catch up soon. Lots of love!

  4. My dearest Mom, this is so very touching! And in this I found a real gem of your wisdom:"God sends friends not to fulfill our desires,longings nor inner craving for attention, God sends them to manifest His love and to make His presence felt." Yes, in you I feel His presence.
    Love you mom!

    1. Thank you dear daughter and I love you a lot too. I pray you and your mom are well ~ always with you in Christ's love.

  5. So sad.... But god gives them the strength to go on and sends them people to love and comfort them. The separation is temporary until reunited forever in heaven. :)

    Love ya sis. ❤️

    1. Hi Hilda ~ thanks for the visit. I was browsing your blog as well and found our names there ~ thank you for considering us your family (online). That is how faithful God is... because He never leaves us at all. When one departs, another one comes along to continue His love and His plans for us :) Nothing will ever separate us from Him... I pray that we may all be reunited in Heaven.

  6. Melissa, I don't know how I missed this most touching post. God compelled me to go through my blog roll, and there, thankfully, I found this.
    People are sent into our lives for a purpose and a reason, if it is only for a season. God knows what we and others need and gives us the grace to fulfill that need. You have expressed this so beautifully and eloquently here.
    Love and blessings, always and ever!

    1. Hi dear Martha :) Your reflections are always a welcome sight in my blog. The Lord knows our deepest desires and He answers them in His own unique and creative way.

      You are right, people are sent into our lives for a purpose and a reason :)

      Lots of love :)

  7. Hi dear Melissa! I have been away from my dear blog friends due to my own grief but as it continues to subside, I am now returning to my sanctuary of writers. I so feel this post as I have lost a few people this year. My mom and certain friends and other family members. I needed this today. My soul needed it too. Thank you!

    1. I understand Tameka and thank you for making me a part of your journey. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. BEAUTIFUL words. Focus on the time you had and not the time that was lost. I know it's not easy. Healing comes from within, through Jesus. May he heal the wounds. Love you!!!

    1. Of all friends, I know that you could share in the story for you have been a witness to it too. There's something mystical about this relationship ~ He came to heal wounds for His love never fails Lisa. It's always ready to sacrifice and give itself over and over again.

  9. Love never fails.... I agree, for it is deeply founded in Someone who is ever faithful. Hold tight the 'adventure of love He promised is worth our everything if we remain with His Love.
    Keep writing ...