Thursday, September 18, 2014

Self-Mastery Mystery [part 2: Rekindled Love]


I have not fallen in love quite like this before...

I vowed never... but...

It was a gradual transformation from fear of 'relating' to authentic 'loving.'

He took me out for quiet walks...
with a rosary in hand.

We prayed the Liturgy at our different hours.

I found myself celebrating the Eucharist daily to confessing regularly.  He supplemented the day with reflections and spiritual readings...

He brought me back to that 'world' I thought I have already left for good.

What fascinates me most is how God reaches out to us in very unique ways ~ 

He is creative... "Love is creative...
unto INFINITY." ~ St. Vincent de Paul

Worlds apart...

You are "there"... I am "here," yet we are 'two-gether.'

born with different charisms...

itinerancy vs. stability

following Jesus in our chosen vocations...

lay and contemplative

This is the "mystery" we share in this love --  without boundary, love transcending time, space, distance, moments.... it's the love that we both are privilege to have found...
If you wish to know what truly makes me happy... 
It's the knowledge of your rekindled love for Jesus, your first love.
Fall  in love with Jesus till the end, never let go of Him again. 
He loves us both and gives us this time to feast in His presence.... 


in Him and in each other.
So be it+

*in blue ink, excerpts from emails of my special love [I am grateful and very blessed to have you]*


  1. I felt very much at peace and deeply immersed in God's love while reading this post, Melissa. Your words truly feed the soul.

    I hope you're doing okay! Take care and God bless you always! ♡

    1. Thanks God for the inspiration and the time spent for reflection.

      I am recuperating well, thanks Irene. Lots of love and blessings+

  2. "Fall in love" the key to true joy in a relationship. No 'ifs' no 'buts' just love. Wherever the journey takes us, "just keep falling in love". I can relate to what you wrote for we both love the same Person, "Love Himself". Our journey continues to that deep longing of our souls to lose oneself for love so that one day with His grace we can fully say before Him "we no longer live but YOU live in us" and so I'd join your song ... "so be it+"

    1. Heart speaks to heart Daniel. I know you understand full well how it is to fall deeply "in love." Love Who has a name ~ our journeys intertwined and connected are directed to God's glory and purpose. He is the center of this love relationship. So be it... so be it+

  3. :) yes falling in love, falling upward hey hey hey