Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Self-Mastery:100 Voices for Suicide Prevention

10th of September 2014, as I lied on the operating table, my mom’s voice echoed on my mind before the anesthesia took effect, “You have been through your worst.” 

I knew she was referring to the depression I had six years ago.

There was a stark contrast between my attitude towards life.

Back then, I wanted to take my own life. I lost all sense of hope. I found no way out. There was no single soul available to hear my silent pleas for help. Sleeping pills and tranquilizers were temporary relief to my disturbed mind. What I remembered most was this constant replay of negativities in my mind. It irked people to hear the same stories repeated over and over again.

The psychiatrist explained the “chemical imbalances” that occurred in my brain and was immediately repaired by medications.

My mom was there~ she helped release the “anger” I had deep inside…

Now, I held on to dear life, praying that the surgery will proceed without complications. 

Jesus, the Way, the TRUTH, the LIFE

14th of September, as I listened to Fr. Barron’s invitation to allow the light to pervade the ‘darkness’ within… I realized that I had created a ticking bomb inside me that took toll on my health. God taught me humility.

I have been silent for awhile. My journey is known to my intimate friends and those who frequent my blog. 

People would often send me direct messages in Twitter asking for prayers for those contemplating suicide. I have left the front lines to my deacon friend and a psychotherapist who directly communicates with them. And this I say to younger friends who assist in suicide prevention, if you are not equipped, not strong enough ~ then find more creative ways to help. Raising awareness to suicide prevention is one.

And in truth, the key is inside…nobody can open the gateway to LIVE [not merely survive] but you.

Choose life!


I thank Ms. Gabriel Acosta, MSW@USW Community Manager, who invited me to participate in the 100 Voices for Suicide Prevention.

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The 100 Voices Media Kit may be downloaded to raise awareness the whole month of September.

You Matter Campaign is also a very good way to show you care. 
Be a You Matter Ambassador.

Follow these links to see how it works:
Download a Care Card and share.


The Philippines has its own depression and suicide prevention hopelines:

(02) 804-HOPE (4673)
0917 558 HOPE (4673)
2919 (toll-free number for all GLOBE and TM subscribers)