Saturday, May 18, 2013

Part 2: My Gift Within God's Gift

With my Satur-dates

Still on Day 8 of The Purpose Driven Life: "What common task could I start doing as if I were doing it directly for Jesus?" 

I have begun sharing my artworks through this blog, purifying my intentions in doing so. I am offering this gift to God through my Satur-dates for His greater glory.

In preparation for Pentecost tomorrow, I would like to share the key and bookmark patterns which I used for my Satur-dates this afternoon.

*Note: You may download my Pentecost Key and Bookmark Pattern for free but kindly link it back to my blog. It is strictly NOT intended for commercial purposes
Materials: Pattern, Cardboard, Glue, Glitter glue
My niece Belle

Download Pentecost Key Pattern via OpenDrive
Download Pentecost Bookmark Pattern via OpenDrive
Variation: You may write a prayer to the Holy Spirit for each gift at the back of the bookmark. 


  1. Oh, I love these, Melissa! The children are so blessed to have you teaching them!
    Happy Pentecost, my friend!

    1. Thank you Martha. I'm glad that we were able to use something unique that day. They were so happy :)

      I'm glad to be sharing this with you too. Lots of love!

  2. Great project! Thank you for sharing! :)

    1. Thank you so much. We have been using your projects and ideas for sometime and the kids truly enjoy them. I am glad to be sharing ours too. Lots of love!

  3. You continue to offer God your best gifts:) And for free!

    Melissa, I need about 7 of these gifts. And 5 of them ASAP including knowledge, understanding, and counsel.

    Wonderful art and looks like artistic ability (including cutting out keys) runs in your family :) Hope you had a great Pentecost Sunday!

    1. LOL! Ask and you will receive. Have faith and nothing will ever be impossible for you... in simpler terms, wait patiently Vishnu :)

      Thank you for sharing the keys... yeah, it runs in the family. God bless.

  4. Oh this is so beautiful Melissa! You are so creative! I love it!!!