I have not encountered the word until I met Him…to whom I gave ten years of my life. To his friends, it was a fairytale sans happily ever after. To my parents, it was fiction, something that was only brought in by the height of my desires. To people, it was madness… I gave up a promising career, my family and a comfortable life…

I attribute the word to love. It compels one to do all those “crazy stuffs”. All art forms putting aside its twin pole, pain, have contributed much to our society.

Poems, songs, novel, monuments… and the best are newborn creatures called babies…

Many have attempted to define what love is all about….

The greatest of which is the very Word became flesh and lived among us.

What madness has He brought confounding all our ideas and fantasies of power and dominion?… teaching us that the way is through the cross.

Scourged, crowned, cursed, spitted upon and crucified -not a single word came forth from His mouth. He forgave His transgressors. Whereas I, I wouldn’t even spare a moment not to defend myself from insults.

Dare I ask, “Was He the most understood man?”

When even His own mother from her moment of conception until His death has stood by Him and kept all things in her heart.

How many times had His own disciples doubted His identity? What was He saying? Why was He eating with tax collectors? Why was He talking with this woman? Who is He?

Who is He? That even after His death, many had come to follow Him and died for Him.

How come every year of crisis, an odd person is born to remind us of Jesus Christ?

An alter-Christus like San Francesco di Assisi? Mother Teresa? The martyrs and all the saints? religious men and women?

How come we celebrate the sacrament of the Eucharist?  Who is it we adore in this bread in the Blessed Sacrament?

Ah, love…madness!

Who do we live for? What do we die for?

post inspired by Corinne Rodrigues' To Be Understood and Debra El-Ramey's Those Peculiar People


  1. A sane world, when did it ever exists..

  2. We give love, or what we think is love. We search for love, mourn lost love, covet forbidden love. But sometimes in all of this we forget the biggest source of love. The love of God. I love all of your questions. Who is he? Why did he? The answers are mind boggling. I don't think we'll ever truly be able to comprehend God's love, but it's our job as we live to try to replicate it. Thanks for these words as we approach Easter Sunday Melissa. God bless you talented lady! :-)

  3. What a beautiful post and AWESOME video...What a tribute to GOD....especially for this upcoming of his death and resurrection....Beautiful...As always...XOXOXOXO

  4. Oh, Melissa, I have goosebumps after reading your most passionate post about the great sacrifice of our Lord. To ask the questions here, as you most eloquently did, forces all of us to dig deeply and reflect upon this one, irrefutable and saving act, once and for all, for all mankind and for all creation.
    Who is He? Why would He die for me? Am I worth all that? His suffering, His surrendering, His excruciating pain, that I, little, insignificant "I", might have life eternal? He must be mad!
    As I will paraphrase C. S. Lewis - Jesus is either who He said He is, or a madman, or worse.
    We know . . . He is who He says He is. The I Am, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Our Savior and our Lord.
    In my blog that will appear next Wednesday, I asked the same question as you did - why does He eat with tax collectors? Written days before your post here . . . oh, how our Lord works in marvelous ways beyond our understanding.
    God bless you, Melissa, and may you celebrate this Easter as never before!

  5. That was a beautiful post Melissa...illuminating the power and madness of love. :) I loved the video! You have such a beautiful faith, it is so inspiring. I pray you and your family have a wonderful and meaningful Easter.

  6. Hello Melissa.
    Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God, the only Son produced by the Almighty alone. The firstborn of all creation. By means of him all other things in heaven and on earth were created. The second greatest person in the universe after his Father. Sent to earth to give ransom for mankind...for us...and in so doing paving the way to eternal life for those of us who exercise faith in him. The Anointed One who now rules as King over this sinful earth and who will destroy all the wicked and carry out his Father's original purpose for the earth. The epitome of perfect love, who forgave even those who had transgressed against him. Oh to have a measure of his love, of his heart.
    There's no doubting your faith Melissa.
    Poignant and heartfelt post accompanied by a wonderful video.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Day 5: Empty Streams

  7. WOW! This gave me chills and made me cry! This is STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL, Melissa! I love it!!! Happy Easter!

    Thank you JESUS for your BLOOD and your LOVE!!!

  8. Melissa ...the madness of love, indeed. I too recalled C S Lewis' words that Martha has quoted. What a rich blessing to know a God who is madly in love with us! I admire the way you love, Melissa because in you I see a younger me...only you are infinitely more loving, gentle and intelligent.
    The video is acting up a bit with my connection. Will come back to watch it ♥

  9. Almost everything describes Jesus Christ the most misunderstood man.
    Except the "Blessed Sacrament"...The Eucharist is an idol, a symbol. The bread and the wine does not replace Jesus. It only reminds us of a specific event, his sacrifice...but not the whole ministry. Man shall not leave by bread alone, so what is this is the word of God that we should be sharing...not the literal bread.
    Everything Jesus did that night was symbolical. If not, then the priest should also wash its members feet every Sunday.
    Let us share the word (bread) the sacrifices that sometimes requires our blood(wine) and wash the feet (service, charity, meekness, etc...)
    Do this in memory me!!!

  10. While reading this article today on 'Good Friday' I could not control my tears.

  11. Blessings to you!
    I remember the first Bible verse I memorized and has never forgotten it till today, "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

  12. This is so incredibly beautiful, Melissa. Your love for Him is madness! God bless and Happy Easter! :-)

  13. Beautiful post, Melissa! Happy Easter

  14. Love seems to be madness, and yet it's the only thing that gives meaning to our lives. :)

  15. Beautiful video! If love is really madness, then it would be our best interest to be mad and never mind what people say.

  16. HI, Melissa! ~

    A beautiful love affair with Jesus! So SWEET, and guaranteed to stand the test of time if we are faithful ;-x

    Happy Easter, Sweetheart! XOXO

  17. Beautiful, yes out of every crisis is an opportunity for greatness, we must all pick up the cross!

  18. Sometimes, posts just touch my heart in a way that words cannot describe. This post is one of those. We all need to look past other's faults and indiscretions. We are not perfect and therefore, should not expect others to be either. I give my heart and soul to Jesus and pray that his very nature shines through me to others.

  19. Nice blog, very Jesus-freaky. (Mind you, that wasn't an insult, quite the contrary). I'm not that 'biblical' and I'm not well educated in believing things. But I have learned to listen more, observe more, and eventually, fake some faith until I may perhaps make it. Let's say my uncertainties are hopes, and hope is perhaps primitive faith. It's okay to be a Jesus freak.

    Lately I've seen quite some debates (yes I debate quite a lot) about the existence of Jesus. Since atheist Bart Ehrman agreed with common academic opinion that someone called Jesus, doing at least a number of things as told in the gospels, must have existed and lived somewhere between 20 & 30 ad, all of a sudden he wasn't the sweetheart of the atheist community anymore. I found that very odd. And also the negative focus. Because even if Jesus wouldn't have existed, I would still realize how foolish it would be to be hooked on such a thing - as if the fact that human beings invented him, would NOT have said a lot about the insights and deep longings of those people 2000 years ago. Of course there were those great insights then, those intense longings. And yes, this may have been this man of Nazareth. In that senseI'm a Jesus freak too.

    His identity? "Ah, love…madness" indeed, as you said. This was a man of Crazy Love.

  20. When I read your thoughts I am always moved. You have the ability to touch with words and thoughts. There was a man named Jesus and he touched many people ( still does) he spread the word of love, isn't that enough to justify him as a great man?


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