Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Towards the Road of Love

There was a moment in my life, when everything could be resolved by eating an ice cream...

Me at UP Diliman April 2010
It lifted me up especially during those dry moments...

it shifted my focus from what was real...

As I grew up, some pains became unbearable.

I remember crying too much from broken relationships. My mom said my eyes would pop out...

I found solace in the Psalms and spiritual readings. But at the same time, my mom taught me to take a retreat and find God in prayer...

At Anilao May 20

Some of God's revelations come from conversations with friends or from the books I read...

but most of them came from listening and  through dreams.

My Italian friend once said that I was a fish inside a bowl where everything was provided for: food, shelter, love, family, cream...

But as I grew up, God fished me out of the bowl into a better place where I could extend my arms and swim the ocean of life.

Along the way, I met other fishes with different experiences ~ some have a truly fulfilled life. They shared their faith and inspired people. 
Others had led a rough road but they overcame their difficulties by facing them and now became testimonies to God's great love.

All experiences are incomparable. God gave each of us a road to take... a place to swim.

But the challenge is to swim against the current. I am still far away from the words I write and I am still learning that
every experience reveals God's love.

I felt  like the disciples walking the road to Emmaus until Jesus Himself walked along with us. 'I am Risen! Why continue being sad?'

And He took me back to the road of peace...
along with the others to fish some more...


The Changeless Friend
-St. Teresa d'Avila, Autobiography, Chapter 25

"Alone I was without a single friend to give me a word of encouragement, I could neither pray nor read, but there I remained, for hours and hours together,
uneasy in mind and afflicted in spirit, on account of the weight of my trouble...
and wondering what in the world I could do for my relief.
Not a gleam of hope seemed to shine upon me from either earth or heaven;
except just this
that in the midst of all my fears and dangers
I never forgot how Our Lord must be seeing the weight of all I endured.

Oh my Lord Jesus Christ! What a true friend You are, and how powerful!
For when You wish to be with us You can be,
and You always do wish it if only we will receive You.
May everything created, O Lord of all the world, praise You and bless You!
If only I could tramp the whole world over, proclaiming everywhere with all the strength that is in me what a faithful friend You are to those who will be friends with You!

My dear Lord, all else fails and passes away; You, the Lord of them all, never fail,
never pass away.
What You allow those who love You to suffer is all too little.
O my Lord, how kindly, how nobly, how tenderly, how sweetly,
You succeed in handling and making sure of Your own!
Oh, if only one could secure that one would love nothing but You alone!

image sketched by Melissa, adapted from postcard

You seem, my dear Lord, to put to the trial with rods and agonies one who loves You,
only that,
just when you have brought her to the last extreme of endurance,
she may understand all the more 
the boundless limits of Your Love."


  1. When simple things like ice cream can cheer us. When prayer can lift us past the heights of Everest. When we can learn, dear Melissa, not to fight against the current, but go with the flow of God's immeasurable grace. Then. Then, the healing begins. And, continues to grow, fruitfully and magnificently, within us until we blossom, full-flower, in the light of His everlasting love.
    Today, I pray St. Teresa's most poignantly beautiful prayer with you, my friend.
    May God bless you and keep you and grow you in all ways pleasing to Him.
    Love and hugs!

  2. Sometimes I look around.. and I see so much suffering.. I wonder why a good and loving God would allow so much suffering... and then I remember.. he di say this life will endure suffering.. he didn't say he would wave a magic wand and fix it all... what he said is I will see you through it.. I will be with you through it all....that is so hard to remember amidst the storms....but I know it's true...As a;ways...XOXOXOXOXO

  3. As always, your words tug at my heart and make me think of the beauty and bounty of God's magnificent love for us. To me it does not seem that He makes us suffer more, but that we ever-sensitive and feeling that we deserve better feel that way. But how much we can learn from those times we thought we'd never come out of...the despair, the agony are swept away in His loving embrace. And out of it all comes a heart for others..a little more like Him every day. Loving you and praying for you, my dear 'little' sister. ♥

  4. All I wanna say is that I am touched. We all r somwehere going thru hardships of life n believe I at times feel like ths is it..even I have a limit bt dunno wt still keeps me going...may b d faith in lord, may b d faith in people around me who love me, writing, rage inside i dunno wt keeps me going...I knw I am too restless inside bt still there is a tint f hope tht all these restlesness will b answered tmrw.

    Your words n moreover the affection they exhibit heals Mely...
    I read it again n again...thanku fr this..


  5. Ohh..just here to view this lovely blog..have a nice day..:p

  6. beautifully said Melissa....<3

  7. Thank you for sharing your Ice Cream. I'm elated.
    Also thanks for this inspiration...the courage to face whatever life brings.


  8. sweet Mom, you always teach me something new and strenghten my faith.

  9. Beautiful .. your words and your feelings coming out!
    I always see you standing so strong and that's something assures me that you'll overcome by any obstacle.
    God praise us with his grace ...but its important to remember and believe in him to receive his grace and peace.There is no one we can rely to be our side always but its only the God ..Each time watches and helps us!
    I'm happy now everything is going good in your life and you are blessed to have friends and family so co- operative and loving ...

    <3 your photos... Keep smiling Dear One!

  10. We are put through these tests to make us better people. Some succumb to the them but most come out stronger, compassionate and better human beings. I truly believe. Beautiful as always soul sis

  11. That is beautiful1 Thank you <3

  12. Dear Melissa,
    It is no secret that you are a woman with deep, spiritual emotions. Sadly, this imperfect and sinful life is make up of sadness and pain until the earth returns to the paradise it was first meant to be. Even though we strive for may never be the kind that we there are many different forms of love. Great job in expressing your tender thoughts.

  13. I love the analogy of the fishbowl. We do have all we need, but sometimes we have to navigate a tricky path to find it. Those that can endure the path will not always be happy, sometimes they will be faced with painful realities, but I do believe God is there the whole time watching over us. I also find comfort in ice cream. It's my favorite dessert. I can't have the real kind anymore due to allergies, but the soy versions are good as well.

    Your images and quotes always enlighten me and make me smile Melissa. Know that you are not alone in life's journey. We all are walking it as well. Blessings mamita!

  14. Melissa, your soul speaks from a deep place, seeking peace and finding His presence. His presence is always there. He is with us always, never wandering, never criticizing...just loving us. Your words are beautiful, they truly reflect your gorgeous heart, and they carry so much light, as He does, and you do.
    Never alone, this is my mantra.

  15. I am visiting from Irene's blog and I have to say I am glad to be here. These thoughts have been mine for some time and I relate so much to the fish and the ocean.
    We all have a different journey and in this journey we all have Jesus and God with us. May we learn to let them guide and help us, let them take our hands so we can discover the world and face the hardships with faith and patience.
    Have a beautiful day Melissa.


    Honey award for you :)