Tuesday, August 7, 2012

RH BILL: Easing Poverty?

Just a couple of months ago, my colleague confided that she adopted a family (a mother and three kids) in her home. The mother was a victim of domestic violence for many years but she sought for help when her husband started sexually abusing the children.

It was a difficult decision on my colleague's part but she welcomed the family and extended help by supporting her to raise funds so that they could go home to the province where my sister's colleague awaited them.

What was striking in the story was the entire process... My colleague disclosed that had she left the mother alone, it would've taken her forever to get her papers and solicit money because the mother knew nobody and had no means to contact the 'right' persons... and this, is not an isolated case.

On Poverty and Ignorance

My father and I once had a discussion on poverty while watching the news. He asked me, if people had money would they still steal

Here's a better question, would RH bill ever be a solution to e(r)asing poverty?

And you know the answer full well... we're speaking of appetites on both cases...

We say that the RH bill is pro-poor... and passing this out would abate population growth and increase economic strength. But take a look again... where are we patterning our lifestyles? Who are we taking on as models?

China? Europe? 

How do we look at 'children'? the 'unborn'? 'LIFE'?

Are we thinking of long term effects? 

Woe to women ~ multiplied by the choice not to offer space to life and instead opening avenues to promiscuity and higher risks of cancer and abortion.

Since when have we left the poor to speak for themselves and have a voice of their own?

Translation: VALUES EDUCATION should be taught to the youth NOT sex education


This morning, we talked about inviting someone to write an article for us on RH Bill. One said, it shouldn't be about religion. 

I think it's not about whose religion we follow. No, it isn't about religion at all ~ it's about whose life we're deciding on....


  1. The Catholic Church here in America is facing a similar crisis with Obamacare which, once implemented, will force doctors and hospitals with religious ties to perform abortions and offer contraceptives to patients. Sadly, the President met with a large group of Catholic bishops before the bill was passed and lied to their faces saying they would not have to comply. But, now, it seems, they will have to under this new law. Can we say lawsuits?
    I am praying every day that we will have a new president in November, Mitt Romney, who has pledged to overturn the Obamacare socialist, anti-religious policies. May God hear my prayers and those of others on this matter and choose to act.
    Thanks for this most thought-provoking post, Melissa!
    Blessings to you, my dear!

    1. We were eating in a fastfood restaurant at lunch time and talked about 'plastics' they're trying to get rid of them and are replacing them with paper bags instead. I was thinking, when they invented plastics, they thought it's practical, easy to use, etc. ~ but never saw the hazards they'll produce... I was reflecting on the same thing regarding reproductive health bill.

      It's like putting a plug on running water... Passing it is never a solution...

      We pray for enlightenment to those who will decide for us and the future generation.

  2. thought provoking post i must say,and your today we need the people like your friend:)missed you so much,sending you my love.visit my blog and feel free to comment

    1. Oh asif ya Zarnab. I will put your link in my list so I'll be reminded to visit you. This week, I've been a bit preoccupied with something else...

      Thanks for coming here to fetch me :*

  3. Though i don't know much about this law you mentioned but i can say that no law can solve such issues unless we have more n more people like your friend is....

    An inspiring post...!!!

    1. Space, that's right Irfan. Unless we create space for other people, we'll never understand...

  4. I am still not able to understand how the RH bill could really help the poor. Maybe its better to give people jobs or to have them finish school. When I was in high school, we were made to watch a film clip of a child being aborted,and we were utterly shocked! If only people knew what happens to that child within the womb, how the child struggles to have that chance to live and be loved, and how that child is eventually killed and disposed of like garbage. :-( Sometimes, many people don't really know what they're really talking about.

    1. I think I saw the same film as you...I think it's very selfish to think about other things than life itself... I agree, people want ease, comfort and convenience at the expense of the babies...

      May God forgive us...

  5. Dear One,
    A strong appeal here by you. I don't know about the RH Bill but still can sense your strong voice against!
    I wish your voice can be heard by all decision comes in favor of betterment!

    I love that sketch.. you are super talented! :)
    Best wishes Dear One!
    Take care

    1. If you push the red-lettered RH Bill up there, the link goes to the explanation. It has been debated upon for more than a year now and I hope they'll really think about it before passing the decision :) Thanks little one :*

  6. Your friend did the best thing can could do.May Allah bless her.