Monday, July 8, 2013

Lessons from the Young Sage

"Brother ass does it again...," I called out to my mom as she frantically knocked on my door... 

I overslept...

Dazed, I got up quickly, took a quick shower and went off...

After deciding to have a month break from Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life, most of my days were filled with assessment of articles for our next issue, completion of requirements for visa application, going to and fro hospitals, and media coordination in preparation for the Diabetes Awareness Week Celebration. As much as I enjoyed it, my blood pressure tells me to slow down a little...

Hearing myself saying this, I sensed that I was going back to my old pattern of losing myself to work 24/7. My boss must have seen how 'alive' I was with my 'new assignment' ~ amazed that she placed me in that field when I don't even watch  television...

There was no official invitation from the "Retreat Master" (my bro) but I knew I had to return to the 'young sage' to learn a few more lessons from her and my mom supported her ideas...

"Lord I'm stepping out
from the comfort zone
Letting go of me,
Holding on to You..."
~Center of My Life, Hillsong

As the day drew to a close, I realized how much time I actually have to do the things I wanted and should be doing...

I live in the creative tension of 
being 'here' and 'not being here' all the time. 
I know how my online presence and increased visibility in the field and social media creates impact...


the sage, in her 'silence' taught me many many precious things...

Who do I wish to make the center of my life?

  Strike the balance...
Surrender ALL...


The night before I left, my kids asked me if we will have our date the next day, I told them I'll have a quick retreat and we'll be seeing each other the succeeding Saturday. I left them a quiz in our FB page using polls. 

My Satur-dates Quiz:

Lessons from last week (Part 1): Luke 1, 26-28 ~ The Annunciation 
Tools: Free Bible Images ~
                                             Luke 1:39-56  ~ The Visitation
Tools: Free Bible Images ~

Quiz posted in our FB page, Saturdays with Jesus:


  1. As long as you are able to balance your work, forge new frontiers and enjoy doing so...keep doing it.

    1. "Forge new frontiers" ~ I like that Janu :) There's so much to learn in this world. I am really glad that there are very encouraging people ~ 'teachers' ~ who see our inner capacities and push us to our limits until we truly come out beautifully. There are actually lots of 'people' out here, I found them in my work place, online, my new Catholic family in twitter...

      Lots of love ~ balance, geez...I need to be aware. THANK YOU for the visit Janu.

  2. Absolutely loved the lessons from the "young sage," Melissa - it's great advice for all of us to simply slow down and savor life.
    Striking that balance in our hurried world is a challenge, but a most necessary one for our spiritual, mental and emotional health. I pray that you will stay in that place where you know God is holding you at all times.
    Much love!

  3. You know so well Martha because you also have Virginia Rose. I pray I will and could balance prayer and work and that means less wandering in the internet too.

    Thank you so much Martha. God bless you.

    I love you so much!