Saturday, July 23, 2011

Affairs of the Heart

For the longest time, a friend had been pushing the screws to make me go out more and cease my wishful thinking. 

 He said the period of bereavement is over and it's time to taste real joy. My world didn't stop revolving the moment he left.  It took me time to hear what the Lord has been telling me. The Spirit blew and invited me to fill the vacuum with something else...

It was October last year when I started working as a journal staff and I promised God that I'll spend my free days with the street children but it didn't push through til this day.

'Mama Rosie,' as we fondly call her, asked me if I'd like to do Catechesis for the children every Saturdays. I said I'd gladly do it.

I usually spend my Saturdays cleaning the house, sleeping, catching up with blog posts or taking care of my nieces when they are around. Sam and I used to talk on this day...

Then I thought, what a huge space God created for Saturday afternoons so He gave me something else to do...

I went with my mom on their meeting last Sunday and we had our plans realized today

My mom has always been supportive of me. She even bought me a book,

which was actually intended for the religious (I realized that part later on).

Once a missionary...always a missionary.

Fr. Pedregosa, OP (the author) used to visit my grandmother as a part of his apostolate as a young seminarian. 
He wrote three constant demands for mission to be real:
itinerancy and
the courage to die... (p.86-86)

What else could move me but love?
I have no excuse.

So to that dearest friend who encouraged me deeply to break free from the shell that encloses me... 
I am forever grateful to you.

I'd like to share the posts that inspired me this morning to continue this search for love's meaning...




  1. Melissa - Isn't it amazing how the 'gaps' fill up when we're open to the movement of the Great Spirit. I'm so glad for you. I'm sure the children will be blessed by your presence among them. Love ya!

  2. Melissa, like I've said earlier, you are such a generous person. Giving your time, care and love to all around, you are something else!!! I am so glad we connected and thank you for mentioning my post. Your mother is a wonderful lady who knows what's good for her daughter. God bless

  3. “Love consists in this, that two solitudes protect and touch and greet each other.” – Rainer Maria Rilke......this i was just reading in Sulekha's post and then came yours. love is a sacred art form of living, the purest form that God has infused in our senses. we feel betrayed, hurt withering in pain when we lose love that was already there. but once the pain burns to the dreams of reaching out to one soul doesn't ensures the closing of the whole process. we just need to rediscover ourselves in the other way in the same art form. why imitate the design? just imitate the process and make a new art form to invent love again. it is all there, waiting. you just need to open your arms and embrace it with your honest intentions. i love your art form soul-sis. i love the way you look into life.

  4. Love you soul sis. Be in love always with everything around you and truly everything will fall into place. Always wishing for you love and ecstasy. Muaaah....

  5. I am so happy your attempting to move on!!! You are so bright , to wonderful to hide behind sorrow!!!

  6. beautiful post! thank you for sharing in such a personal and powerful way! blessings on your new "romance" ;-)

  7. The feeling in your heart lets you know. How lovely it is that you are feeling the sunshine, Melissa!

    Blessings to you :)

  8. I am happy for u Mellissa,moving on does not mean that you have forgotten,or got over shows your maturity,and what u really are..I have a lot to learn from u sweetheart..

  9. I'm in love :)
    I says it with proud! because love like a ocean who have an open heart while a desert for closed and suffocated heart!
    You heart is an open window with a bliss of kindness and spark of love by which every bird stops and enchants musical notes for a warm welcome! So pleasing like an oasis for tired travelers!
    Keep Spreading Love , Dear one :))
    Keep Smiling and TAKE CARE..
    BTW, I liked your new template :)

  10. hi Melissa....
    well, what to say....i find your each n every post so heart felt that normally i just don't understand what to comment and how to put my feelings n my reactions into words i am now...all i can say, "Loved it"....the way you co-relate ur thoughts with the facts of life is awesome...!!!

    God bless you Melissa, there are very few people around like you at your age...!!!


  11. Beautiful post. It takes a true friend to inspire us and lift us up towards edifying pursuits. You've certainly been blessed with just. I love the beautiful heart you have for God. Keep inspired me and so many others. Blessings and peace to you sister.

  12. The words spoke by your true friend was filled with love... you were able to move forward and taste those feelings of love...
    You are truly a beautiful soul....

  13. Melissa, it is so wonderful to hear how the gaps in your life has been filling up! With faith all things are possible! Thank God for true friends who lift us up, encourages us and bring out the best in us! God bless!!!

  14. What a lovely post that you have shared. I'm happy you are doing such positive work. You are right, when the heart is ready a new door opens to us.

  15. I am so stuck for words lately..but I want you to know that I see such love in your words always...I envy what you are seeing and feeling now.....But to read your words helps me feel a little bit closer to what true inside love means...Thank you for sharing YOU...As always...XOXOXOXO

  16. As i said earlier, your write-ups are deep and lively. I adore this post. And i'm sure you will keep spreading the light in you for the ones who are stuck in the darkness. Keep penning, always! :)