Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Journey: When God Says Pause

Lying on my sick bed gave me more time to receive the aftershocks of the earthquakes in my life. Everything (the tensions and pressures of the month) came out of my body in the form of infection. 

I laughingly accepted my seven-year-old niece's joke that I will be quiet for a while because my sore throat gave me the locked jaw effect.

In all honesty, it's the greatest charity I could offer everyone...
                                        to be silent for awhile... 

It has been an unusual week for me... getting sick is already a part of my routine... but keeping quiet isn't. I allowed the presence of the people around me to transform me and my ambience...

acquiescing to what is asked of me at this moment...

I've never met 18-year old Aster nor my 40-year old cousin Malou but both are terribly sick and needed prayers.

Aster was afflicted by Pott's disease and was diagnosed as such only at the beginning of this year. They say that it's very very painful to have tuberculosis of the bones. I lost a friend that way when we were twelve and that changed the way I looked at life and people. I became more caring and compassionate to everybody. It isn't easy to lose somebody at a very young age.

My cousin Malou is bed-ridden since she was one. She fell down from the stairs and that accident immobilized her for the rest of her life. I cry for this angel struggling for dear life. My brother and I have the same views regarding life... to use all our means to prolong it... but there are certain things that hinder us from doing that. What if her own family has given up on her ( sadly because half of the reason is financial)? I can be nobody's judge... but I cry for her... and for her family too.

The Beatitudes says blessed are they... It is illogical for the people who love them. Unreasonable to those who work to prolong life and alleviate sufferings but there is a meaning to all of this.

CREDO IN TE Gesu'... nel tuo amore... CREDO che Tu ci ami...
(I believe in You Your love...I believe You love us)

I held them close to my heart and embraced them

and in silence I felt God's heartbeat...


  1. I will pray to fact we are only puppet of god...he controll all things....we just move in his direction...

  2. We all try and prolong life soul sis but life will be with us only till it is time for it to go. Things will happen only when it is time. Beautiful as you are in your heart and soul I am sure embracing them and loving them is also a healing of the soul for them. Love you

  3. i pray with you for Aster and Malou. let God be merciful to unleash their pain. i agree with Rimly. each of us has a time fixed by Him. no one can overrule the fate line that He has already drawn for us. we can pray to heal the painful soul, share the anguish and be with our beloved in all ways till the end. He has given us the strength to fight the purpose and not conclude the solution. we must follow Him for them. God bless.

  4. May you and your family be free of pain. It can be a really cruel world when we see children suffer. A life is precious and we should fight for each one and take responsibility for each one. We need to be proactive and not wait for any entity divine or not to save us.

  5. Melissa, hope you are okay now and your sore throat has healed. sorry to read about Aster and Molou, my prayers for them. We want all our loved ones to stay here indefinitely but they all have to go when their time comes. Love them while they are here and bid goodbye when it's time, life is cruel but god gives us strength to carry on.

  6. Melissa reading about Aster and Molou touched my heart.. You are doing the most important thing...... Loving them and Light to you all

  7. May you always feel and sense God's heartbeat and may it always provide your faith with an invigorating life-source of new found strength and encouragment, insight and direction. I am so sorry about your cousin who is bed ridden. That must be extremely difficult to bear witness to :( I will pray for healing and both body and her heart and the hearts of her family. I can't imagine what they've been through.

    I lost one of my best friends when I was 16. Losing a close friend does change one's perspective on life...I am all for prolonging it too! So many people seem to want to squander and give up on a gift, that God blesses us all It is to be treasured.

    I will pray for full healing for you. So sorry you haven't been feeling well.

    Love and Blessings ~Jessica

  8. So Sad that anyone but particularly children have to suffer. I will never understand why this has to be that way but I am assured that there is a reason for all this. Maybe one day I will make sense of it or someone will be able to make me understand. You have such compassion and strength within you, it is thought provoking reading this post. I hope you are feeling better soon and I am sending love to Aster and Malou, may there time here be blessed as painless as it can be and filled with love oxoxo