Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Breaking Bread

...Oftentimes, it really makes me wonder why is it easier to be kind and compassionate towards other people rather than with my own family and kin...

when problems arise, I ask a friend's shoulder to cry on... instead of my mom's...

Sometimes my sister just needs a listening ear but  I give her sermons instead
(She told me, if I were a man, I could have passed as a priest)...

What makes our relationship complex? Is it the blood that ties us? Is it the familiarity?

I'd look at our home, where we once shared meals together... now it's empty... we move about our own busy worlds without really interacting...

 The Lord invited me to focus on what is there... what is present...

and I saw the bread... 

I looked at the existence of another kind of hunger which we most oftentimes overlook by the abundance of the food we eat but never get to share...

that inner hunger present in each one of us
 ...a listening ear...

a giver and a receiver...

So I look forward to the breaking of the bread once more... 
and sharing life...


We are fed and we are nourished
By the strength of those who care...

-We Are Companions On the Journey by Carey Landry-


  1. Thanks Melissa, you've asked some really interesting questions and given me plenty to think about :-)

  2. let us share
    let us care
    let us break the pieces
    share the kindness
    share the love
    dissolve our egos
    and be grateful and thankful
    then only we can nurture
    each others soul.

  3. I know what u mean,no one is to blame for this kind of a situation,we are all so wrapped up in our own lives,fighting to survive that we forget family values..I've learned that our backgrounds and circumstances may have influenced our lives, but we are responsible for who we take care of yourself sweetheart...

  4. It's true that in our world today, many people have a wish to be deeply heard, and listened to...and we can begin that process by listening deeply to ourselves.

    Thank you Melissa, for this deeply thoughtful post.

  5. So true Melissa! Why is it that family are not there to support each other any more? I ask that same question. Great post and you gave me so much to think about. A big hug!

  6. I do the same. I am not at all patient with my family and you know what it is because we take them from granted. I am very conscious about it. Every time I tend to do that I give myself a nudge. Very thought provoking question soul sis

  7. Great blog Melissa.. I don't know why maybe you hit it when you said familiarity . We know their foibles and their weaknesses where we don't always know all the same for friends. We see our family in their worst light, when their down, those days when their lazy, we see all their bad decisions. Maybe we don't trust their judgment plus we would probably be embarrassed speaking to our family about some of our personable problems because we want them to love us more then anyone and don't want them to have a reason not to!! All stupid reasons but we generally are pretty stupid about relationships lol!!

  8. 'familiarity breeds contempt' and this holds true with our personal, close relationships. we take our family and close friends for granted often, something i work hard on but rarely succeed. great post, M!

  9. Wow, this was really beautiful Melissa. I can't believe I didn't see it posted when it first came out. Beautiful and touching reflections. It's ironic sometimes that the people we can be hardest on or take the less time with or prehaps overall take for granted is our family members. Maybe that's because we know, deep inside, that their love is more unconditional for us than some other people's and that they will always be there for us. It's important for us to move past that, as you are reflecting in this post, and share our lives with those we hold dear. This was a very inspiring post. Blessings to you and yours :)

  10. I do believe it's the familiarity of family. We tend to take them for granted at times. Time slips away so quickly and our family is so very important, but often they get the least of our time. Beautiful reminder!!!