Friday, November 2, 2012

Life's Marrows

"This heart scares easily..."
- Rancho, Three Idiots 

I found myself 'discussing' Three Idiots at four in the morning with a dear friend. It is an excellent movie ~totally hilarious and yet at the same time riveting.

"Are some parts there realistic?," I curiously inquired...
"Do their parents determine their children's future ~ as engineers or doctors?"
"Is suicide rate really high among students?"

And my friend answered with a curt, "Yes..."


The movie reminded me of high school ...

Way back into our Carpe Diem days... Henry Thoreau, Robert Frost and of course, 
Mr. John Keating...

We were so eager to suck the marrows of life

and contribute a verse!

It was at that moment when my heart was awakened by the beauty of poetry and literature. I devoured Thoreau's contemplation of life and made them my own...

Read: Where I Lived, and What I Lived For

I consider myself most fortunate, let's say blest, in every situation in my life.

My parents were very simple people who wished that I become a nurse so I could fly to the US and form my own family there...

I had a photographic mind that made it easier to remember facts in History and formulas in Chemistry. Ooo, I remember I liked Anatomy, Microbiology and Biochemistry back then. I just wonder where they all went because it went poof right after I graduated...

One of my college mates contested that I just memorized that's why I got As. My professors took it as a challenge and composed test questions that required analysis. I faired well, thanks God!

But that is my 'Eureka'!  I still remember that person and I am most grateful to her.

Analyze not memorize.
 Understand the concepts and apply them in everyday living.
Zero in the values that make one a better person and not high grades.

My life took a turn after graduation when I ventured with Jack in the mission field. I was not only nursing the sick but I was taking care of people's souls. I wasn't able to reach the US as originally planned by my parents but I was able to experience God in Italy and North Africa.

My siblings were very passionate about the arts, music and literature. I learned a lot from them too. I thought my brother would become a great writer someday but he opted to become a doctor. Nobody among us was coerced into a relationship that was pre-arranged.


"Hey...are you still there? Or have you dozed off?" my friend chuckled.
I laughed, "Yeah, right here..."

My friend was caught in a dilemma between design and production. Designing was his passion. I saw his works and they were really unique. He wanted to try production because he could earn more money to provide for his child's future.

"I know that when the future is mentioned, the heart becomes anxious..." I told him.

"Should we measure success?
How much money we earn? the lifestyle we sustain? the vastness of our riches?"

"Make passion your profession..."
~Rancho, Three Idiots~

In other words...
be faithful to LIFE... 
and everything else will follow...


  1. Analyze not memorize. Amen Melissa, amen girl! You are far wiser than average because you recognize this; all too many think education is regurgitating facts for a test.

    YES! Be faithful to Life and everything else will follow.

    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

    1. I think I'll make a banner out of it :P The brain is intended for something 'more'. And constant exercise (thinking, analyzing, reflecting) at any age is required ;)

      Amen for that Bible quote. I do believe we could eat Words ~ God's Word, that is :)

      Thank you so much Debra :*

  2. I believe everything you say here is true! although, i hope you still get to U.S. so i can meet you and give you a BIG HUG! xoxox

    Luke 12:27 "Consider how the lilies grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these."

    1. I love how it grows and I love the One who grows it :D

      I haven't seen US in my vision...but even if not in your land, we would meet, in God's time :)

      Lovelots Linda :* Thank you :)

  3. student's psyche should be understood by teacher but what a pity!i've none to understand my college related problems!!just cram and let it be....the movie really hooks a soul..i love its subject...

    1. I guess nobody could ever understand us the way God does...

      Wow, so you did watch the movie? It's easier then because we both could relate ;)

      Perhaps you could share things out with your parents or friends or if not, in your blog :) Some say high school's fun but I guess it's more of college for me... I hope you find your way to joy :)

  4. I loved the last line soul sis. Be faithful to life and everything will follow. You are such a wise person soul sis! Love you

    1. Hmmm...thanks sis. I think I'm in the borderline between idiocy and wisdom LOL... lots of love to you ;)

  5. I love how your mind works Melissa. Traveling over memories and placing them so artfully in your posts so we can experience them and learn from you. I believe you will get to the US one day. Just know that as much as you want to visit, others are trying to get to where you are too.

    Hugs dear one!