Monday, June 3, 2013

Love Beckons

Of three things I'm very certain: First, I love God; second, I love people especially the children; third, I complain.  complain, but I also listen.

I was absolutely  positive I will be getting my much needed rest last Saturday. My brother and I were together late nights to work on the fifth issue of our journal and we finally had it released last 31st of May. I was preparing my lessons for my Satur-dates when my mom called me. She asked me if I could help someone out. I wasn't ready to say yes, my temper was quite short with lack of sleep, but I loved her dearly so I asked how.

Someone close had a surgery and they needed cash. I said okay. AND, she added, they need someone to take care of their little child. I was THE nurse, after all. I was quiet for a while... That meant displacing myself on a weekend and taking turns with another caregiver at midnight to attend to the baby's needs. I began reciting my litany ~ litany of jeremiads, that is.

Downheartedly, I went upstairs to pack my things. I'll miss my Satur-dates. The car came earlier than I expected and we went off.

We reached the house and the caregiver gave me the baby while she did her other chores. I recalled all I knew from Maternal and Child Health Care and was careful of the baby's fragile state.

We were about five in the house, I fixed their hours, allowing space for eating, sleeping and recreation together... I woke up at two to take my turn. The baby was awake. The caregiver said, perhaps, she misses her mother. I touched the baby's tummy. It was hard, she needed to pass gas. She slept for a while but again woke up. It was such a funny scene. All five of us were awake as if we read each other's minds. The only guy in the house wore the clothes of the baby's mother and lullabyed her... Finally, after three hours or so, she slept. She could've just wanted to be awake since she was sleeping daytime.

I rose up ahead of them. I was the eldest, and I felt it was not only the baby I was taking care of, but all of them. 

While praying, I knew Jesus was laughing at telling me, "I knew it, you couldn't resist..."

"When Love beckons to you,
follow Him..."

-on Love, Kahlil Gibran

"Though His ways are hard and steep..."

I relaxed after praying. The housekeeper called me and said, the baby's awake. I took her and told her caregiver to continue sleeping. 

I began to enjoy those little hours left with her. 

Oh, how much trust she gives me...
Her life depended on us who were taking care of her...

Could I ever hold my hands up like that in total surrender
and sleep just as peacefully as she did?

How could I ever resist? 
This is You!

With my Satur-dates

I share this for Corpus Christi (Lesson with my Satur-dates). It was quite late for me since I had little time to prepare yesterday but I'll keep this here for those who wish to use it. 

*Strictly not for commercial purposes:

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  1. dearest Mom, I'm touched! To tell you honestly, during my mom's long hospitalization I had to be by her bedside most of the time, without sleep or much to eat, and on top of it the atmosphere in that cancer-ward used to be so depressing that I used to get irritated sometimes and felt guilty about it soon after. Now your words have given me new insight. Thank you.

    1. Hi dear daughter. Thank you for allowing me to become a part of your journey with your mom. I continue to pray with you for her. One thing is, we leave behind everything for the sake of love. But God also wishes that we take care of ourselves. So you take good care of yourself. You cannot attend to your
      mom's needs if you get sick. Another thing that we're reminded of us is, we wish to be this and that but we could only offer who and what we are. Lack of sleep or fatigue could make us irritable...let's get back to our Source for energy and God will surely fill us.

      Lots of love!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Melissa Tandoc: Thanks for liking my post Roy, I made a mistake in the title...

      Roy Durham:I left a comment and I too made some mistakes. here is the repair comment: Sometimes we are ask to abort our plans and do for someone,or we get a whim to go or do something that is out of our norm. I have many a time. and I found that I was being ask to help. could it be that the good lord with his divine love has ask us to help. what do you think??

      You are so wise and kind Roy ~ that's why I missed you. It is the Lord, I do believe that. He does push me out of my comfort zone to help those in need. He teaches me to be more generous esp. of my time and not get stuck of what I want to do or to be rigid with my own schedules.

      God has His own schedules. Thanks so much for allowing me to see this!

  3. This is absolutely beautiful, Melissa! I think I am learning more and more the real meaning of love as I get older. To love does not merely involve feelings, but to be able to love truly requires hard work. And not all people are lovable, I must say. There are those who really challenge my capacity to love. *sigh*

    I commend you for being so kind enough to attend to this baby's needs when her caregiver couldn't be there for her, and for caring for your other companions as well.

    God bless, Melissa! <3 :-)

    1. I love what you've just written here Irene :) You are growing even in your meaning of love ~ it is deep that now it involves 'hard work' or 'sacrifice.'

      Oh, geez, you just mentioned the one thing that makes my heart heavy... 'not all people are loveable ~ but there lies the challenge. Only God could do that for us and so let us allow Him to work within us...

      When people tell me I'm kind, I ask, 'kind of what?' LOL! I had a very good experience there. Lots of love and thank you!

  4. Sometimes, it's exactly in the things we wish we weren't called to do where we meet God. I know you saw Him in this precious little one! And, your love shown through to her.
    Blessings, Melissa!

    1. Very true dear Martha! It has always been like that with me and God. I resist everytime and yet, when the time comes to show this love, I do it. His sacrifice is greater than anybody else's.

      Lots of love and thank you!

  5. Melissa, it`s been ages since I have last paid your blog a visit. Please forgive me dear Friend. What a beautiful little bundle to take care off. You had an opportunity to shine your light despite of being tired. Great post Melissa!


    1. What matters is you're here now Nelieta :) Be always at peace, I do not oblige you to comment in every post.

      God's light ;) Lots of love!

  6. MT - Really enjoyed hearing about what you're certain off lol especially the third item and thank you for sharing the Khalil Gibran quote. There are times, many times, we are called to do things we really don't want to. haha YOu could have relaxed on the weekend, met with your Satur-dates and had some sleep. But instead it felt like you were called (literally) to spend some unforgettable time with this angel baby.

    (Why do they all look like angels when sleeping but not so angelic when awake - haha joke:) ) Just looking at this photo, I imagine all you wanted to do was sit back and just watch this cute baby sleep peacefully.

    So sometimes we get called to do things we don't want to but do it anyway. If we do it with God's grace and purpose, the experience will naturally touch us, inspire us and remind us doing not what we want in life as much as doing what God wants us to be doing in life. I want to respond to God's calls to me the way you did, even though I too might complain a little on the way. (ok, complain a lot) lol

    1. On Chapter 16 of The Purpose Driven Life, Rick warren wrote, 'Learning to love unselfishly is not an easy task. It runs counter to our SELF-CENTERED nature.'

      I guess that's the test I have to undergo each day. And I felt that today, I failed in most areas of this test ~ in matters of generosity and charity in words.

      The baby's a month old and she's so adorable. One couldn't help but love her. I thank God for that one day He allowed me to be the mother of this child.

      True, I agree with what you wrote on the last part. I hope the complaints diminish as we learn to love God more ;)

      God bless!