Monday, June 10, 2013

Vocation: First part

I felt alive with the gush of spring that continuously flows within me! 

One of my inspirations wrote something on my timeline ... and I left it suspended the entire week. The truth is, she has been asking me this for a few months already since I started writing about the Hidden Life,

"Do you know your vocation?" 

I. Period of Purification

"If you meet the Buddha, kill him."
-Linji Yixuan, Killing the Buddha

It is a perfectly strong statement that continues to inspire me to get to know God more.

For several years, I have thought of vocation as a 'higher calling,' an invitation from the Divine to enter into fellowship with Him through a religious community. At a young age, joining the missionaries was the closest thing I could ever think of.

I felt 'called' to live out a certain lifestyle that puzzled people ... even myself.

"If you are looking for peace, stability, comfort and couldn't be found here (in the mission area). You will be tested in fire." ~ conversations with my SD

I was very certain that it was what I was called for but at one point, I was not so sure anymore. 

My SD, in the collections of his homily, said: "Quando tutto appare chiaro, e' molto pericoloso"(When everything seems clear, it is very dangerous). 

I was encouraged to take a new journey and begin again.

II. Get Married!

If you think eating words and homilies for breakfast is healthy, think again.

If we were referring to God's Words and homilies of my spiritual fathers, I'd say definitely, yes! Eat the Words, taste them, devour them, until the Words are incarnated.

When I came back home, I had my dad. I respect him for his wisdom but I really have to admit that I doubt most of his counsels.

I've been staying in our house for four and a half years now. And his perpetual homily consisted of 'getting married.'

"Okay, I'll go look for one in the department store."

It has become a constant ridicule in the household and seconded by my ARTner, Fher and some intimate friends since Sam left. Believe me, we tried (Wanted Perfect Husband). My Vision Board with Linda Lee was more promising. I began to shift my gears towards that direction...

Through the months I nurtured the desire to marry. Then, I began to discover that vocation goes beyond my relationship status. Instead, it is that call that will bring me closer to God, where my heart could breathe and dilate more in relationship to other people.

If some find it in religious life, then their pursuit of holiness could be found within the context of community relationships. If most people find it in marriage, then holiness could be achieved through having a husband/wife and a family. 

III. Discovery in Depth

I found mine in being a single celibate at this moment. My parents and some people started noticing a change in me these past couple of weeks. And that included the ring I'm wearing. I am committed to bring children closer to God. I enjoy my moments with Jesus and the people He gives me everyday to journey with.

They respected the 'retreat' I had the last couple of months and now they see that I'm interacting again ~more active and alive after receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation... gentler, calmer... with a purpose...

I give myself and what I have because I have received infinite graces from the Lord. .. His love, compassion, mercy and kindness moves me...

"Vocation, vocatio, is about being raised from the dead, made alive to the reality that we do not merely exist, but we are "called forth" to a divine purpose."
-A.J. Conyers, The Meaning of Vocation

Do you know your vocation?


  1. I think my ever bubbling well of self confidence stems from the fact that I've always known my 'vocation'. I understand my purpose in this life, which is to catalyze. Love me or hate me, I motivate people to make changes. That's my vocation, my place in the world and I'm happy with it. Great post sweetie!

    1. Wow Cairn ~ congratulations! It has always been a mystery to me how come some people know their vocation from the start while others take a very long time to discern which path to take.

      I am so happy to know where you are called. Lots of love and thanks for your great advice on improving my blog ;)

  2. What an honest and beautifully written account of your journey with the Lord. Like a flower, He is slowly unfurling your true self and allowing you to blossom! I know you will keep praying and listening for His guidance in all you do, Melissa.
    Blessings and love!

    1. Thank you very much dear Martha.Loved how you likened me to a flower. The journey is very long and your loving support and prayers are very much appreciated.

      Love you lots dear friend:*

  3. So loved this one of yours, Melissa. For too long we have confused the word vocation with choosing between marriage, staying single or the religious life. For me, that's too confining a definition. I'm trying to find a book I read on Vocations...will let you know the name when I do. Marriage, etc are states of life and we still have a vocation beyond that. Yours is being revealed and I know you're listening with that beautiful,open heart of yours. ♥

    1. Thank you BS :)

      I've been receiving real pressure lately and I guess I just have to let that out. It's really difficult to explain to most people, esp. my dad.

      I know God will reveal it in time...will wait for the book's title Corinne.

      Much much love!

  4. You had me thinking deep thoughts, Melissa. Before I left med school, I already set my mind that my vocation was "to heal." And then it turned out that God had a different idea in mind. Somehow everything is beginning to make sense. But yes, definitely, there will be setbacks.

    And when it comes to marriage, I'm just leaving it all up to God. Anyway, off topic, but did you see the short wedding video of Maricar Reyes and Richard Poon?

    I just found their love story very inspiring and guided by faith. :-)

    1. Now you had me thinking deep thoughts Irene. I was able to watch a bit of the interview with Maricar and Richard. What struck me was this line from Maricar, 'I set my standards high and trusted God will give me the one,' or something to that effect. It's amazing ~ and yes, very inspiring... so we'll keep hoping? LOL...

      To heal is a vocation, yes, but it might be in a different setting. Like what BS Corinne shared in FB, it's not necessarily found in the hospital.

      Lots of love Irene :*

  5. All right - thank you both for sharing the inspirational video first of all - I assume this is the one you posted on Facebook Melissa? Thank you Irene.

    One thing I want to say before marriage Melissa is that we should improve the relationships with others in our lives. Only once we can love and forgive those close to us can we do the same for our life partner. so everyone around us is practice:) every relationship is preparation.

    Secondly, I may want things in my life, my parents may want things in my life but ultimately God decides what's best for us. Let's stand to the side and let God handle the rest - he's a wise guy and knows what will be best for us. Trust in God in the face of family, pressure and the whims of others is strong faith.

    Before I did what others wanted. Then what I wanted. Now, letting God take the lead:)

    You definitely seem to be living life with more purpose:) keep it up!

    1. Yup, that's the vid Vishnu :)

      Thank you very much for those two important points you raised :) Yes, I do agree that it's all about relationships. I love what you said about having 'everyone around us is practice and that every relationship is preparation.'

      But I guess it's pointing us towards the direction of love and purifying it until it becomes whole.

      I think on the second point, it's God Who 'guides' us but ultimately, with the free will He has given each one of us, it is still 'us' who decide which path to take. Yes, let Him take the lead and let us approximate the final decision through discernment of His will for us.

      Hmmm...'purpose' seems to be the favorite word around town :) Let us 'all' keep at it ;)

      Thank you for the enlightenment :)

  6. My 'vocation'? Sweet mom, I am still groping in the dark, but I don't worry because God has given me guiding lights like you and one day I will surely find my true vocation. Till then, I will remain honest in anything that I do. Your article is so pure like a mountain-stream!

    1. Thank you dear daughter. We are here to guide you but only you could decide which direction you'd like to take :) Yes, you will find where you are 'called.' God bless and good luck in your journey. Lots of love!