Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Art and Emotion In Motion

While most people find their hidden thoughts and feelings expressed through drawings and paintings...I found mine in music. I translate my emotions through art... the notes more than the lyrics of the song are my words...

I remember that as a child, being the daughter of thunder that I am, I found my hands very destructive... Unlike fherMission (ArtLover's creator) whose patience earned him his "fantabulous" lessons in life, I'd ruin a painting or a drawing whenever I committed an error...

 I was lucky to have an educator as a mom and she introduced me to a variety of art forms... Whenever I stressed myself out, she'd bring me to dad's piano inorder to pour all those unwanted feelings out...

I never had formal lessons in music. I learned playing the guitar using my pulse and heartbeat... I defied the laws of rhythm and played music depending on my mood... or the experiences I've had for the day...

I found most Jesuit songs very inspiring... God opened the door to me towards liturgical music... I've been a "freelancer" all my life but I met my match in an Italian sister who taught me to be faithful to the notes I was playing... I'd start it out right but eventually, as the song progresses, my heart takes over... (to her dismay, nyahahaha!)

I find a different world once I play... music draws me into an awareness of other realities in life...

Songs emanate other people's feelings too... they must have felt the same way as I did... the best songs I've heard are those coming from a broken heart --- pain can be a very useful tool for creating our own masterpieces...

An unusual bond is created between the musician and the listener, the composer and the song... the artist within and the world outside...

I've realized that I become more effective in playing music when my heartbeat becomes one with God whose voice I hear inside me...


  1. So I was special mention here. Hahahaha. Thanks dear friend and partner...Luckily you are given the freedom to express yourself in varied forms of arts. I as a child was not allowed to paint. I think I've told you that my mother crushed my hand using a hammer to prevent me to draw, but of course no one can stop in all those years till college I hid my paintings. And the loneliest part of my life is when it was discovered... she burn them.
    in spite of everything I love my mother so so much. She had different ideas for my future...I defy most of it and continued the path where my father failed. Its a long story partner...But LOOK we make everything NEW.

  2. Oh geez! What a talented individual you are! I reckon there's something about us kababayans who just love music a lot and playing instrument just comes naturally like in your case.... My brother plays all kinds of band instruments and I have yet to do the same, perhaps when I go back soon, I'l try to compose songs together with him... It's actually kind of relaxing and de-stressing moment....moments that I usually love. :) Thanks Melissa for sharing..:)

  3. Melissa - I've been stopping by your blog for a few days now and catching up on posts but not commenting. I love the authenticity of your posts. Each time you reveal different aspects of your personality. Now I realize that you're a talented musician too! I visited the Philippines for a month now nearly 18 years ago but I will always carry the people in my heart...their warm and loving ways are truly special. And I can see that in you too. I look forward to visiting here often. Hugs
    PS: Adding you to my Blogplicity blogroll. :)

  4. Tell me what are you not good are fascinating,sweetheart...loved this aspect of yours.....Alpana

  5. now i must call you DYNAMIC MELI. you are so wonderful person, music is also one of my favorite, it rejuvenates the inner you in the various moods of life.......

  6. Oh wow brilliant a musician who can feel it rather than being an automaton. Loved it.

    NOw how much do you charge for lessons as Amelie loves the piano?


  7. Wow!!
    Everytime you amazes me by introducing your hidden talent :)
    I am impressed!..Music really helps one in many ways! Liked all images specially of childhood :)
    So cute..
    Take care...Lot's of love

  8. You really amaze and inspire me. I love that you use music to ground yourself by letting yourself fly. Art is such a great way of keeping in touch with yourself and the natural world. I love lyrics.. Imagine is one of my favorite songs.
    Keep playing Melissa you add music to many of our souls

  9. hehe such a cute picture of you with the piano ♥

  10. You are really talented Melissa.Your posts always makes me think.I love reading them always.Your pic with the piano is really cute.I am sure you have many more talents we still don't know about.Super talented girl. :D

  11. What a talented person and multi faceted person you are, Melissa. You are so right. Pain does bring out masterpieces, whether it is a song, a poem or a painting. Would love to hear you someday.

  12. Dear, U r a skilled person.Music have a healing power. You are really blessed with Music.