Friday, April 15, 2011

A Heart's Thanksgiving first part

"Hi Melissa, check out my blog I think You might enjoy
 it today!!!,”
greeted  my friend Jim of Monday night
(11th of april).

I have been looking forward for his next series of photos since morning...
But instead he gave me a wonderful surprise…
He posted a picture I truly liked  
honoured me with a Versatile Blog Award…


Since I just passed through the “meme” tradition, let me just share seven blessed trivias about myself ...

One, I love nature and I like gardening.
but what I like most about it is the feel of soil in my hands...  and seeing the plant grow day by day...
then I like lying on the grass on retreat days and looking at the sky by day... and the stars at night...

Two, for fun and mind exercise, I’d check out the etiology of one’s name… and play around words.

Alpana, for example, means delighted (in Sanskrit) and beautiful (Hindu)
Alejandro  (Spanish of Alexander) is defender
Jessica (in Hebrew) is He sees
Jim means “Yahweh may protect” (in Hebrew)
Simran is “gift of God” (Hindu)

my soul sister2, Sancheeta calls me "Meli" greek, mel  means sweet... and in arabic if you put i or y at the last, the word becomes "possessive"... for example, habib (beloved)... becomes habibi  (my beloved)... so Meli, means my sweet  (ant :P)

Three, I find studying Hebrew, Chinese and Arabic characters fascinating.

I’m still stuck in contemplating the word busy…
but let's reserve this for another post ;)

Fourth, there was a long line in Sta. Sabina, but God gave me the chance to shake hands with Pope Benedict XVI on Ash Wednesday 2008.

Fifth, I had the opportunity to meet Saif al-Islam personally in one Easter celebration on my second year in Libya.

Sixth, God granted a miracle after I left my missionary ground (we never engaged in proselytism  :P) and  He gifted the church Magdi Allam’s baptism Easter of 2008  (I was there to witness it).

Seventh, my first love is……………………..
Finally, the much awaited blogs… it isn’t without difficulty that I chose only seven… i have about a thirty of them right now... and i wish i could give them all credit... i still have to spend time with most of them... 
this time, i give the floor to my list of "pianticelle"...  we have fertile ground in We The Bloggers... and i thank the administrators of this page...
abhisek panda and soul sister, alpana jaiswal ;)

Allow me to introduce them by the "why"s in your mind :

stories/fiction/creative writing
if they were compiled as a book, i'll surely buy them:
an architecture student originally from bhutan...i read most of his writings in WE HAVE A STORY... so you actually have two choices to read his works... by lisa marie farfalla
it was "farfalla" (butterfly) that initially caught my attention... a person with great intensity... 
she speaks of her dreams which are very much part of our existence...
and she has the gift to decipher her dreams into useful reflections...

feelings... by sumit chakraborty
he has earned fans all over the world for his talent... he works well with his emotions translated in beautiful lyrical verses...

travel by sheril benedict
i’m looking forward to my adventure in his blog page…

I fondly call her my little one with our twenty year age gap… she has this deep source of inspiration for she truly comes out with the most inspiring poems in her page… I always ask her if she has indeed felt those things she wrote… ;)

faith and contemplative prayer
I read her posts in preparation for prayer… then I go deep through the Words of the Lord in her contemplative experiences…

photography/art style by anirban saha
every artist has his/her own art style… what I like most from him are the stories he creates with his photos…

let's water them and watch them grow by reading their interesting posts ;)

 my deepest gratitude to


  1. This is the best in all the post award write ups I have read so far,it speaks of a mature woman,a sensitive soul,an intelligent woman....and a great human being..God bless u sweetheart..and thank you for the mention...

  2. An unique approach to award write up.Really liked the way you described each person.

  3. Wow a different approach !! A special thx to u ..

  4. You are such a beautiful person, bringing light and love to all who are blessed to get to know you. Congratulations for the award you receive, I love coming here, you have a beautiful blog and deserve recognition.

    I am honored and touched for your words and recogntion towards my blog...thank you :) May you walk in His light and love today and always.
    ~blessings and love

  5. thank much...mellisa....

  6. Thank You Melissa for linking us. It was a pleasure to tag you plus you permanently on our blogs honor roll. I loved your answers


  7. Keep shining your light Melissa... you make the world a brighter and more beautiful place!
    ~ Much love and many blessings

  8. What a beautiful post Melissa. It's people like that make the world a better place.

  9. i told you Meli, you are a sweet child of God. every thought that you express is pure love. the warmth of your words always gives a cozy comfort. you are very close to my heart, sweet heart....... a precious gift of GOD.

  10. WOW!!! What a BLESSING! You deserve this so much! Your heart is BEAUTIFUL and I recognized this right from the start. I didn't know that you loved to plant... but I do know that you plant seeds of LOVE in the hearts of others, which create beautiful flowers. I also didn't know that you studied Hebrew, which is very interesting and amazing.

    I am truly HONORED that you posted my blog. I am new to the blog family (haha) but I have felt so welcomed and loved. I truly appreciate this, more than you could ever know.

    abbracci e baci a te!

  11. hi Melissa! Wow, congratulations!
    By the way, what's your plan this holy week?

  12. wowo good points , I love gardening too and most of my free time is going out there in the garden now that summers are here.

    thanks for visting me .. glad i came over to yours ..
    thank you

  13. A very cute post :)
    I loved it!
    Thanks for mentioning me there dear one!
    Hugssssssssss to you! :) :)