Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mysteries of the Magical Monastery

Che strano spettacolo (what a strange scene) -  un monaco senza gambe seduto ai piedi di un muro, che chiedeva ad ogni passante: "Cosa hai da darmi? Cosa hai da darmi? (a monk without legs sitted at the foot of a wall, asked each passerby: "What have you to give me? What have you to give me?)

Mi sentii obbligato a fermarmi e a scusarmi: "Anch'io sono un monaco, mi spiace non ho niente da darti". (I felt obliged to stop and excuse myself: "I am also a monk, I'm sorry I have nothing to give you".)

"Dammi il tuo dispiacere", disse. Fu cio' che gli diedi. ("Give me your sorrow". And that was what I gave him)

Teofane Il Monaco, Fiabe dal Monastero Magico, XI:Che Cosa Aspetti?, Cosa Hai Da Darmi? (Torino:Piero Gribaudi Editore,1988), 82.

Fresh from the Magical Monastery where I drew the wisdom of the ages, I thought of the prayers I had made these last couple of years (or even more)... I always say that I pray, I don't know how... but God seems to always understand my heart's deepest desires...

I have often been told to make my prayer petitions concrete, that is detailed... God might not give it the way I wanted it to be, but He answers... He does, even after ten or fifteen years or a whole lifetime... A lot of the questions I had when I was sixteen were answered just right now...

The best thing about a life of struggle and pain is the presence of people who continually speak of God's love, maybe not through words, but by their very lives... simple people --- from the streets, children, friends, their music and art... they have lots of gifts to offer...

God says give everything to me... we are not so poor as we always have  something to give.

What have you to share?


  1. I have all the love to give. This is the priceless possession I have that I am very much willing to give and share with everyone just to make this world a better place to live in and hoping that everyone does the same to stop all the wars and hatred. It's pure love and selflessness.... Thanks Melissa for sharing...

  2. Even I have all the love to give.There is something like the more you give the more you get.I always try to give more and want less or sometimes don't even expect something in return.Loved the post Melissa.Your heart is pure and I love you sis for that only.

  3. its only and only the unconditional love that i have. at every phase of my life i have shared with each and every person i meet. i am devoted to my GOD with pure clarity of mind and this devotion has helped me to devote myself to all the others i love. thanks Meli, for letting us share what we treasure to give.

  4. It is true Melissa. I believe that God answers all our prayers and often enough He gives us more than what we have asked for. Have faith and never forget to say Thank you!

  5. Superb post !! I believe in god coz he ll answer to our request.The thing is u have to wait and have faith in him ..for sure he ll answer !!!

  6. God will always care for us. Sometimes the answers to our prayers are not what we want, but God always knows best. He never fails us. :D

  7. I love your post Melissa..its beautiful because it reflects u...I am at a point in life,where I am loosing hope in God,and sincerely hope to revive my trust in him,before its too late.