Sunday, March 27, 2011

Soul Feeding

Sundays, we usually spend time together as a family...We often go to the mall after the celebration of the mass... My dad says, it's also a time off from the laptop and my virtual world... and relate with real people...

For two consecutive Sundays now, my siblings have been coming with us to spend their time with their kids (my brother lives in las pinas... while my sister usually comes late on weekdays)... I saw how happy the kids were to have their own parents around instead of their grandparents...

But last Sunday was quite different... there was in me, for the past few weeks, a certain change that I never fail to notice... even with the absence of Sam for a week... I saw myself serene...

I was talking more with my sister (we usually end up in fights)... I was more benevolent towards my dad... I was more concerned with my brother... I played more with the kids... I remember that at that time, I wrote my specific goals in life... dreams recasted... I was able to state my purpose in life... and that was what I needed...

I had my soul fed with the Words of God... and had felt a push to be more charitable towards other people... It led us to Soul Mood, a band which was playing inside the mall... we brought our dad there... and it brought me back to a time when my dad taught us to listen to classical music... it brought me back to a time when I felt secured with my dad... 

 I remember a friend telling me he was being sentimental... Just be... Music evokes certain emotions... especially in childhood...

And I had my soul fed...


  1. Hi Melissa! Thanks for visitng my site and taking time to know about India. This article is really great, touching. Sweet you had such a great time with your family, brother and sis. Loved the way you shared thanks dear :)!

  2. Your Dad is always right. He knows u and if u following his instructions, u will get more happiness

  3. Melissa very well spoken as usual.. You have a wonderful way of looking at life. I love your comments on everyones blogs. Family is important if they are supportive, yours seems to be. Congratulations


  4. Lovely,and I can totally relate to your family,nieces and nephews mean the world to much as I love my own daughter...reading this is making me cry..missing my Papa and my sister so much.

  5. Treasure every moment with your loved ones. You have a wonderful family. I love your writing.

  6. I don't care how poor a man is; if he has family, he's rich.[Dan Wilcox and Thad Mumford]

    Staying away from family for past 8 years I know how bad a feeling it is.I miss my family a lot.As Rimly said,treasure every moment with your loved ones. :D

  7. a family is the backbone of the present that we live. without them life is incomplete. we feel it more when we miss any of our loved ones. our mind values the true connectivity, the inspirations that effect our lives without measuring any compatibility. a well knitted family is the strenght against all odds. you are lucky to have such wonderful family, Meli.....a treasure.

  8. Everytime I visit this blog, I can't help it but to read the entire post. I'll be honest that I don't read the entire post of other bloggers. I just want to check the pictures and the introduction of how it is written. Yes,I always read the intro and if the intro catches my interest, then that's the time that I will read the entire post. You're one of those blogs that I usually read the whole body of the post.

    Anyways, there are times that I also feel sentimental. Especially when I remember something or someone in the past.haha. :)

  9. AMEN!!! This is BEAUTIFUL and I totally agree about music. It has amazing healing power. I love your dad's idea of no virtual world on Sunday's. I think we all need this in our life, to be able to connect in person and enjoy each other's company.

    Very SOUL satisfying!!! ;)

  10. I think it's a beautiful thing that you take the time to make memories with your family on Sundays. I can relate, when you mentioned that your week was serene as you had been feeding upon the Word of God. I know when I take time to enter God's Word I become more aware and sense deeply His love and peace and that transcends itself towards areas of my life. Things that normally frazzle me, don't...I look at others with a slightly new perspective...with more compassion and extend towards others a new dimension of Love. Isn't God amazing? :)

    Great post.