Friday, March 18, 2011

Winter of the Heart

I can't seem to get him out of my mind... the memories of what we used to do together hit me like a whiplash...only that the existing trauma is in my heart..
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Music: Everytime We Touch by Cascada via Opendrive

What magic potion had he used to make me fall for him like this?

I told myself over and over again that our relationship was void from the beginning and yet I unhesitatingly jumped into Cupid's abyss, wrapped in love's passion, totally lost in its pretense of infinity.

Heat was a primary substance I cannot endure. The mere sight of him, his smell, his voice, his caresses made me desire him more. His insatiable kisses aroused my innermost being...

I've never been so intimately involved with anyone before...

I craved to penetrate the minutest details of his thoughts...his heart and lay there forever untouched by life's daily strife...and yet I'd wake up every morning thinking how long this will last? I was caught in the intricacies of this clandestine love affair...

I never wished for one minute to be out of this whirlpool even if my conscience urges me otherwise...DESIST!

I LOVE HIM UNREMITTINGLY even if his reticence is killing me...


  1. I craved to penetrate the minutest details of his thoughts.. A really great line. I feel your heart ache and your hope.

    I craved to penetrate the minutest details of his thoughts

  2. What a beautiful and romantic post, Melissa!! Loved it and am in awe of you.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Melissa,only you can write something so beautiful..I hope you are blessed in life and every dream of yours is fulfilled.

  4. I always believe in your capacity to discuss issues I am not capable...Romance. I am a hopeless romantic. Lovely expression's true feeling.
    Partner, What magic potion had he used to make me fall for him like this? The answer lies inside your heart.

  5. Oh Melissa what a beautiful love poem."I love him unremittingly even if his reticence is killing me...". I can feel what you feel through this poem, wanting more out of the relationship, reason telling you to walk away from it but the heart not letting you.

  6. Eros is a strong force, far more powerful than reason. I’m sure you’d agree?
    How beautifully you’ve captured the sheer passion. Nothing like sublimation to ease the ache.

  7. Melissa, so beautiful... Mine was a Summer Love...

  8. Melissa you are a miracle.. equal parts sensuality and innocence... I wish you all the happiness

  9. i pray that the winter in your heart will soon cherish the spring that is yet to dance in accordance with time. new leaves may grow again reaching out to tenderness, reverting you numb. flowers blooming an orchestra in the branches of faith and singing you the spring song.

  10. Passionately driven writing for passionate reading.Thank you Melissa.

  11. An intensely passionate post...A great read :) May you find a love, whether it be this one or another, that blossoms into a lifelong journey of passionate discovery for you both.

  12. Very passionate and beautiful! A women torn in two directions described so very well.

  13. Hello Melissa.
    This is so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. One has to wonder how something so right, so powerful, so passionate, so deep could end up causing much pain, sadness & distress by coming to an end.
    You are extremely creative & talented.
    Penned beautifully, even if it is now bittersweet.