Thursday, March 24, 2011

Choose LIFE

After several weeks of infanticide and fetal abandonment issues in September, once again the country is shaken by news of gang rape in separate instances (including the abuse of two female high school students by a fraternity) and the infamous RH bill.

As a nurse, women would come to me seeking advice for birth regulation. So far, I have taught them the natural means (Rhtyhm Method, Ovulation Method and the Basal Temperature) with special awareness in their menstrual cycle and the changes occurring in their body.

Today (the present moment), both young male and female friends would confide to me and blatantly tell me that TEMPERANCE is for the saints and FORNICATION is normal.

They'd ask me about birth regulation too but with a special thought on a woman's safe and unsafe days... Sad to say, most of those who sought counsel were already infected...

This provoked me to reflect... I'd often think of the RH bill as an option for married couples alone... but what of this modern thinking that "sex is a norm"? Where would the RH bill lead us?

So one advocates for a divorce bill, then the RH bill...then what? the legalization of abortion?

How about my young friends? 
I was caught in a friend's dilemma... I asked if abstaining from sex would do him good... but then another option would be to protect himself... especially knowing that an infection is treatable but is also recurring...

I'd often use the computer-USB paradigm... and one could easily get it... did you?

The Light of the World: The Pope and His Comments on Condom Use 

The Pope has recently launched a book entitled, "Light of the World: The Pope, the Church and the Signs of the Times"... It was his comment, particularly justifying the use of condoms by male prostitutes to reduce the risk  of infection, that has caused an uproar especially among the Church leaders...

One has to read the whole the book not only look at its surface... the message is profound and needs reflection more than a 'violent' reaction.

It says to reduce the risk of infection... his comment might have caused confusion as earlier (2009) he said that condom distribution isn't the solution for HIV spread in Africa... In part, African church officials also pressured Vatican with the Vatican's stand condoning condom use in monogamous married couples to protect the uninfected spouse from getting infected (Associated Press Nicole Winfield And Frances D'Emilio).

The Pope as Light of the World: On Condom Use

At the moment, our country's been shaken with queries regarding the increasing rate of HIV infected people... Listening from the stories and news, most have pointed their fingers on call centers... hmmm... easy access of women, gays, guys, etc. for commercial sex... 

Recently, there was news of over 100 bags of HIV infected blood...

The good news is my brother's involved in this... being the newly appointed Head of Virology Section in the Research Institute of Tropical Medicine, he gets to investigate on such cases...

Now, HIV control through condoms is really questionable and unguaranteed.... as a nurse, I agree with the Pope and the Vatican that the best way to avoid this is through abstinence and faithfulness to one's partner... 
I hope to get a copy of the Pope's book to be more enlightened... 

* Various efforts to uphold human life will be conducted on March 25, 2011, Solemnity of the Annunciation and Day of the Unborn Children.

If you choose LIFE, LIFE will choose YOU 
(Mondo X)


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