Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fuga Mundi: On Matters of Sexuality

I wrote this for my friend, I hope you get to read this... thank you for giving me something to ponder on...

I just came back from Italy when three younglings approached me (in separate occasions) and asked me if I wanted to "make out" with them...
 I raised my eyebrow in disbelief
 ( nobody dared ask me about this when I was younger )... 

but I laughed instead of being enraged for they asked me frivolously (like asking me what my name was)... I never saw myself a cougar... so my reaction surprised them as I slapped them with the words, "No, I don't go for PMS." I thought that ended there... but one backfired and told me to stop hypocrisy and the "Virgin Mary effect"... I thanked God for that insult hurled on me... I knew that he was angry I declined his overnight invitation but I wouldn't mind being called "fusty" either.

I know I've made graver mistakes in the past... I will not wash hands and pretend that I'm innocent... God always pulls me out of the mire... I asked God to preserve my innocence but He knew better... I would've been selfish and proud if I were, so He gave me thorns in the flesh which are known to my confessor...

Listening to my friends' dilemmas regarding promiscuity, sexual permissiveness, pre-marital sex, teenage pregnancies, masturbation, pornography, homosexuality... widened my understanding of the world.

Celibacy is not for everybody but chastity is... and it's the greatest challenge in this world...

Opting for the higher cause doesn't mean fear of sex/marriage nor repression of sexual feelings...

I remember the kids we visited in La Foresta who were rehabilitated from drug addiction. Their motto is: TEMPora, TEMPera, TEMPore (It takes Time to Temper the Temper)... The same goes with our sexual feelings, they can be tamed... 

The intensity of the sexual urges might also come from our hormones ( women have to know about the movement of their cycle )... and our limbic system (okay, don't look for it elsewhere, it's found in the brain)...

Just a side story, recently, I read about the quest for female viagra to activate the limbic system... oh well...

Anyway, if we succor our sexual desires with overexposure to pornographic materials... then our lust grows...

 so my friend,  I ask you what do you feed your mind and your heart?


  1. A good wine and some porn.. no lol

    A good conversation and laughter


  2. nice.........something that one should really ponder hard and try committing to keep it...:)

  3. love of Christ thank you and god shall do the rest god bless

  4. I truly believe in you..I believe in chastity,or did,stayed in it till I didn't get married,and also stayed in it,when my ex husband was out in the open...and now,I believe in having a relationship only with the man I love..and I certainly don't need porn to evoke desires..Great write up...My respect for you keeps on increasing..

  5. I believe in the power of true love. Rest all is pointless, loved your post, Melissa.

  6. This was a great post!!! An important question you asked in the end!...I commend you for your decision to be wise and treat your body as a temple, for truly it is, a beautiful temple at that to be cherished and not squandered. This is a great post, especially for young women to read.
    ~ blessings

  7. come all the ladies are always busy running away when I show my face around..just kidding..what you've written just shows that you are a wise and a matured person..always two steps ahead before rushing to conclusions..

  8. Meli your post brings out the fundamental results for the search of the matters that are related to sexual orientation. difficult to understand the different human brains. you have explained the preferences so well. i feel the urge with my beloved husband,but negligence hurts, depression overrules the desires. that is all i can say.

  9. You are so special..Great post... I'm lucky I have fed my mind and heart with the same women for 24 years.

  10. Melissa, you are a genuine jewel among plastic beads and cheap bling.
    ~Love and blessings~

  11. Let's all believe in the power of true love <3

  12. You wrote so simply yet effectively and words had the power to make anyone think who reads it..
    As mind and heart grasps what is given to it and you ask a question at the end..I would say i perceive everything that comes my way but only choose to use the ones which my conscious really allows me to..

    Refreshing template and nice blog!