Thursday, May 26, 2011

In His Embrace

Somewhere in a place I've never travelled the abyss of infinity lies that great wealth which I was searching for.
 I looked for solace in the arms of a friend and He took me there...
                                                                      leading me the way...

I awoke at the sound of my alarm at 5… hmmm… it seems that I’ve been dreaming of Romeo and Juliet again… I replayed this scene over and over in my mind... but everything went hazy afterwards… I must've slept again...

I got up a few minutes after and quietly greeted the day with a prayer… my heart was led to reflect on Jessica’s

It reminded me of a prayer I used in my Ignatian retreat


It has been an unusual day. I have been keeping to myself lately. My colleague must have felt that so she brought her little daughter at work. God knows, I couldn’t resist the sight of a child. And the little girl immediately pulled a chair beside me and played there the whole afternoon. We had a pretty good time. Little did she know that she brought a ray of hope my way.

As I walked my way home, a blind man serenaded the streets with his love songs… what caught my attention was another song I heard over the station. I was thinking of Sam at that time…

he dedicated that to me two years ago…
 I was his wildflower…


Some friends broke my silence last night … God just wouldn't  allow that I bend and look at my miseries... so He sent His angels to pull me out...

 I was tasting some songs… mulling over lyrics… we  weaved a whole tapestry of connected thoughts… it was heart more than mind that I saw at work...

God was present until I slept. He sent the last angel to whisper His words of love...

You're beautiful...

"Quando sei faccia a faccia con Dio non puoi fare nulla che renderti conto di essere un nulla e di non avere nulla(When you are face-to-face with God, you cannot do anything but regard yourself of being nothing and having nothing). Dio parla nel silenzio del tuo cuore (God speaks in the silence of your heart). Se ti metti davanti a Dio in preghiera e in silenzio (If you put yourself before God in prayer and in silence), Dio sicuramente ti parlera (God will surely speak to you): e soltanto quando realizzi la tua nullita (it is only when we realize our nothingness), il tuo vuoto (our emptiness), che Dio puo riempirti (that God can refill us)."---Mother Teresa (Salverio Gaeta.Il Segreto di Madre Teresa:Il diario e le lettere inedite dei colloqui con Gesu riportati alla luce dal processo di beatificazione. ( Mondadori Printing S.p.A --- Stabilmento NSM --- Cles Trento),Edizioni Piemme Spa,2002.)



  1. beautiful, you are BEAUTIFUL. GOD has blessed you with his own version of beauty. every time i rediscover HIM in new ways whenever i read your posts. HE is always there, therefore we are here.

  2. YES you are beautiful in many many ways...Very touching


  3. You are beautiful in all the way, Dear one..
    You have the inner beauty ''THE REAL BEAUTY'' :)
    With this beauty make beautiful others too ..
    Love you..hugsss <3 <3

  4. You are beautiful...both inside and out...and God loves you so much! I loved reading that prayer... I might have to share that on fb! So glad you found my post something to reflect on :)

    Isn't it amazing how children can have a way to send us hope and encouragement, through the simplicity of their love and acceptance and their overall passion and unrestrained curiosity for life? They are gifts! As is every moment...may every one of your moments be filled with the beautiful peace and joy that comes from dwelling in His presence.
    ~love and blessings

  5. What I wanted to say has been said by all. Your thoughts are so pure and beautiful my friend. You miss Sam a lot don't you?
    Loved that prayer of Mother Teressa. Beautiful Melissa

  6. I know very well as to what you are feeling..and I don't want to see u in this kind of a situation..What is going to be yours will be yours forever...I'd like to run away,From you, But if you didn't come, And find me ... I would die...this is what u are feeling..I have gone through it..take u always.