Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tranche di Vie (Slice of Life)

"I know that every soul cannot be alike. There must be different kinds so that each of the perfections of God can be specially honored. To me, he has revealed his infinite mercy, and I see all his other attributes in the light of that. Thus they all seem glowing with love: His justice, perhaps, even more than the others, is clothed with love, for how sweet a joy it is to think that God is just; that on other words, he make allowances for our weaknesses and understands perfectly the frailty of our humanity..."

The Authobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux:Story of a Soul, translated by John Beevers (Manila:Sinag-tala Publisheres,Inc.) copyright 1957,135.


"Tita, I think you should start catechizing kids again," whispered my seven-year-old niece one day while I was preparing to go for work...

 "We were talking about you yesterday..."

I knew it was coming. It was my mom's turn ... she has kept quiet for the past few weeks but was very observant... so I knew it was her time to speak...

She texted me in the morning from my room and simply told me to go out... 

have fun... 

just LIVE...

I was expending too much time with my "invisible friends..."


While at mass, God reverted my eyes towards Him... 

Out of roads 
Music by: Arnel Dc Aquino sj . Lyrics: Johnny Go sj
Arranger: Arnel Dc Aquino Sj . Performer: Veepee Pinpin

I just run out of roads again
Don't know where to turn
I started counting stars again
Then I lost my way

I just ran out of time again
Will I ever learn?
To stop my chase of hours again
Only to learn I've lost the day?

The last thing I need
Is to hear this whisper in the wind
The last thing I want
Is this voice that rises from within

I'll need to go home soon, I know
But maybe tomorrow, not now
When the last thing I need here and now
Is the lasting need for You

I've been rushing out of rooms again
Too afraid to stay
I've been dreaming of some rainbow's end
But the colors melt away

Should my heart be like an open door
Helpless to the storm
Permit Your wind to touch my soul
Only to leave this aching song?

The last thing I need
Is to hear this whisper in the wind
The last thing I want
Is this voice that rises from within

I'll need to go home soon, I know
But maybe tomorrow, not now
When the last thing I need here and now
Is the lasting need for You

The one thing I need
Is to hear this whisper in the wind
The last thing I want
Is this voice that rises from within

I need to go home soon to You
Won't wait for tomorrow, right now
Is this haunthing need for You
This haunting need for You


When have I ever started becoming a beggar?
perfectly ostensible with my pain?
 I asked myself...

... inordinately seeking attention from 

When have I started giving in to reveries? 

...loosing my boundaries and flexing my morals...

...filling the ache and void with fleeting 



So, it's You and me again...

I've heard Your voice through 

my friends...

I knew it was You...

I offer You everything that is beyond me... 

I offer You my heart...

Help me to fix my gaze on You...


  1. The world is full of distractions that can tempt our gaze off of God's throne to the shiny trinkets it offers. I love reading your reflections and your journey. May God, when your head tilts in another direction, after another lover biding for your soul's attention, gently lift your face towards His once again, inundating you with the peace that surpasses all understanding, filling Him with His incomparable presence.

    I loved the quote and poem. And I love your beautiful faith and seeking heart. You are so inspiring! I am blessed to have come to know you :)

  2. There has to be that balance between this new online world we are part of and the real world. I know too many where this is there only real contact with others. That is not the healthiest thing. Glad mom was there to remind you.

  3. You never cease to amaze me.. You touch so many with your words. Go home in the spiritual sense but maybe you are here now to touch others, to inspire others to lift others. You are a wonder and need to remember that but you are also human and that is why you touch people.


  4. Beyond all that happens to us we should live as today is tomorrow. Be glad you are here and and have friends who care. Whether God speaks through us is your opinion nevertheless, be as happy as you can so others can smile...


  5. We create a lot of suffering and lose our inner peace when we are strongly attached to material things, emotions, beliefs or people. The attachment itself is neither good or bad. It only becomes a suffering, when you are holding on to something to strong, which stops you from moving forwards, achieving state of freedom, happiness, security, inner calm. Also when you are holding to some old things, you are not letting new and better things come to you…I wish I was with you to help u,u will find peace with God,Mothers are always right,just read these lines,I hope it will help u..
    Look within yourself, you cannot find it outside yourself. Find your innate goodness. I am who I am. I am not you, and you are not me.
    My life journey has taken me across hillsides, caves and jungles. Whereas yours may take you along the ocean shore. I am me, as you are you. I not to be compared to you and you are not to be compared to me. God has designed me as he has designed you to be who he means for you and I to be. He alone is our author. Release all toxic gases from your mind, spirit, heart, body and soul. Breathe...
    God, grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change COURAGE to change the things I can and WISDOM to know the difference. t's a God shaped hole that only He can fill. Once you start a relationship with Him,the hole is now full, overflowing even. This huge hole, that nothing previously was even close to filling is now overflowing with the love for Him and the love He has for you. Joy overtakes you, fills you up, and you truly know inner Peace through him. Take u forever

  6. pain has to be looked upon as a loop hole to the weakness where emotions are not according to our expectations. this doesn't mean we distance our mind from HIM, rather closer his senses, absorb them in pain and fill up the holes. our image to our own conscience our morality to step forward will then remain unchanged. we will then feel the power of existence in pain and without pain, and never get lost in eternity, rather live the purpose of life.

  7. Close one door to let a new one open to you. Live in the moment without worrying about the future. You have always touched us with your words. You are a beautiful human being.

  8. My dear Mellisa...You continue to touch my heart with your depth (how apt the name of your blog is!). I'm listening to the song you shared and I'm touched deeply by it and also by your openness. You are an instrument of love and you continue to touch hearts online and offline (as I can see from the love your nieces experience from you)....Be YOU and that's enough. Hugs and much love......