Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reply to Silent Cry


"Moral Courage is not to be confused with a display of power, or with reactions of fear, or the mere utterances of slogans and shibboleths. It is a positive quality, a willingness to defend those fundamental moral principles which one understands and believes."

-Charles S. Johnson on "We're Losing Our Moral Courage-
reading through my soul sister Alpana Jaiswal's post...

You are right ...this will be an endless discussion... one reflection leads to another... i'll reflect on the basics but a word on ABORTION first...

The following were presented by a female doctor in defense of the legalization of abortion: for therapeutic purposes (inorder to save a mother's life), when one is raped and gets pregnant, presence of genetical aberrations that may result to physically handicapped children)... in addition, she said to prevent occurrences of infection and hemorrhage (to legalize clinics that will operate for abortion)...

As a nurse, my beliefs have never been divided between science and religion...they could always work both ways because they are always geared towards LIFE...

It is the doctor's duty to ensure the life of both the mother and the child and all means will and should be exhausted to achieve this...

Violence like rape will never be corrected by another form of violence like abortion... what the person needs is a loving environment where she could feel protected and cared for...

I'd like to focus on the last case...

Gratis? part 2

My travels led me to meet and take care of people with "special needs"... in Tayuman with the Missionaries of Charity... in N. Africa with Henda (my teacher in Arabic) and Faraj (one of the best Muslim friends I had)... last year with the PVIs and our experience with the special kids in an institution in Manila...

I have learned more from their physical and emotional sufferings than all those years of nursing trainings that I had... I found peace in their eyes (something that never fails to amaze me)... from them, I finally understood that one could be loved for what one is... and not for what one does... (l'essere piu' di fare)... no competition... nothing at all...

I always think it could've been me... or it could've been YOU... or somebody else I am loving right now... and that chance of meeting this person who could actually change my/ your life forever could've been thwarted with one decision...

Remember that LIFE IS NEVER WASTED... it has a purpose... and that's for each of us to find out... I'm still on the journey searching for mine...

Never be afraid to GIVE... give yourself... (even if you feel that nothing is returned)... let that person feel that she is never alone in the battlefield...

Keep on shouting, Someone out there cares for you... Keep that heart dilated... and you'll see wonders...

I am seeing it NOW...

---from Reflections with my Buddhist friend jimmy---


  1. you have the gentlest soul...

  2. Ah great one ..I love that line "life is never wasted " hmmm so everyone is a traveler !!

    by sheril

  3. God grant me the serenity
    To accept the things I cannot change;
    Courage to change the things I can;
    And wisdom to know the difference.
    - Reinhold Niebuhr
    And my line to this will be..To thank God for bringing you into my life,you don't know what you are Melissa,an angel in disguise...wonderful post,god bless u..

  4. Thank God for those like you and Alpana for having the courage and integrity to address this controversial subject.
    “Violence like rape will never be corrected by another form of violence like abortion... what the person needs is a loving environment where she could feel protected and cared for...”
    how true is this!

    I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well. ~ Psalm 139:14

  5. Loved the thought behind this genuinely written... Thanks for sharing here !!!

  6. I needed to read your post to give me back my faith. Thank you Melissa for being who you are.

  7. Meli you always have the soul that cries for the distressed. your post is another reflection of your caring behavior. you answered the controversial topic of Alps, so well. it's the best justice done to what Alps had brought into limelight. we all need to learn and think in the path of developing a healthy society. thanks for sharing.

  8. Nice thoughts with nice words.

  9. Hi Melissa -

    Life is a gift from God. No matter how that life is conceived, God chose the woman to mother that life. The baby's purpose in life known only to our Father above. I will not budge from the abortion issue. Let life Live! Happy Wednesday evening to you. :)

  10. What a beautiful and tender post...I love when you wrote, regarding those with mental handicaps: from them, I finally understood that one could be loved for what one is... and not for what one does (and)that love is never wasted.

    What beautiful conclusions! I remember when I was in college volunteering with a 3 year old autistic boy and learning about the simple joys of life through him. He taught me so much more about love than I had known before I met his simple way he was a profound teacher.

    Beautiful post.

  11. I worked with people who have a "profound learning and physical disability" for about fifteen years. Others look at those people with pity or even revulsion. But they all are unique individuals with their own personalities.We shared laughs and tears and i often think of the people i cared for who passed away.