Sunday, May 1, 2011

Welcoming the Stranger

"What to do with this wound, that is so easily touched and starts bleeding again? It is such a familiar wound. It has been with me for many years. I don't think this wound---
this immense need for affection and this immense fear of rejection---
will ever go away.
It is there to stay, but maybe for a good reason.
Perhaps, it is a gateway to my salvation, a door to glory and a passage to FREEDOM.

-Henri Nouwen,Sabbatical Journey,24-25

It was a splendid surprise seeing my former parish priest giving his homily on tv--- I last saw him when I was twenty-four and he'd always tune my guitar before every Eucharistic celebration...

His words struck me: “We prefer fuga mundi (flight from the world)---perhaps thinking that this would help us evade sins... but God chose to become incarnated--- to experience humanity, making Himself God-with-us...

I made this reflection in connection with our initial response to stress:


Welcoming the Stranger: Within

I spent my whole lifetime escaping... evading people... I am so afraid of the world...

Leaving home at twenty made me think that every decision I made was for the Lord... As I grew older, I realized that it was the other way around...God calls me to different places to purify my intentions... and it's such a humbling experience... He always made sure to give me companions along the let me know that He never left me alone to face my own battles...

There was a time when I was so detached to my body...I didn't care how sloppy I looked, what I wear, how I projected myself to others... I was friendly and all but friends who really knew me confessed that I was terribly cold inside...
It took me a catharsis session to let everything out... It re-opened my wound... it was God opening the door and I embarked on a serious journey towards self-discovery and healing…

Dove e' la mia casa? (Where is my house?)

I opened that door to the stranger... I was the stranger to my own house... 

 “Put your finger here and see my hands; stretch out your hand and put it into my side.
Resist no longer and be a believer.” John 20,27.



  1. A beautiful, stirring post that leaves the reader reflecting how comfortable they are in their own skins. The journey towards self discovery is a priceless one and unfortunately one all too many refuse to make, because it can have it's uncomfortable moments...praise be to GOd that you had the courage to seek deep and find your true self so that you could shine out to the world around you.

    I loved the Henri Nouwen quote! :)

    ~blessings on this beautiful Sunday

  2. the journey of self-discovery. all we owe is our life. life we owe to HIM. HE is always the path of wisdom which we follow even in distress, even when we grow, even when we our strangers to our own world. HE NEVER LEAVES US ALONE. loved your post MELI. HE loves us and we love HIM.

  3. This is why I have your blog on my honor role of blogs on my site.. Such a wonderful way of communicating your thoughts! Self discovery never ends no matter how old we are!!


  4. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself.
    You are a winner...and u give me strength,hope and love...I can't do without you...LOVE YOU ALWAYS

  5. wow....beautifully penned with the so much of depth in thoughts and discovering yourself...

    Best wishes,

  6. Beautiful. The road to self discovery never stops, to go deep into yourself takes courage and faith. I am glad you were able to do that my dear friend. It makes you comfortable of who you are.