Saturday, June 25, 2011

Help Me Find JOY!

A Love Letter to Myself

Carissima Melissa,

Yey! Imagine how much I yearned for you to write me. It has been taking you forever and I'm very glad you finally took time to respond to your beautiful soul's Celebrate YOU challenge.

I celebrate the two years you've undoubtedly faced reality in your search for true happiness... I know it didn't come easily. But what you have considered 'lost years' were actually archived in your book of life. You never ceased to grow...
 you just 'bloom' wherever God plants you.

I allow you to feel the intensity of your feelings. I celebrate everytime you've overcome your sadness... or pain... Oh, it's okay to cry...please do whenever you feel like it. Let it purify and heal you. I know that a little sense of humor afterwards could ease everything away...

I allow you to be who you truly are...sans masks... sans pretensions... IT IS TIME TO BE TRUE TO YOURSELF. What is it that makes you happy? Go search...find that pearl. Ask, seek, knock. It is never too late. Never think you are too old to do something new.

I celebrate your new insights... and openness to every situation that comes your way...

I celebrate your patience... I know you too well to change your plans... and to begin again...
taking up the tent and being blown away by God's Spirit...let me expose all your fears to the Lord and let Him take care of those.

Acquiesce carissima con tanta gioia e serenita'... 

"Ti ringrazio Signore
di avermi creata!"

-Sta. Chiara-

(I thank You Lord for creating me)

you were born with a purpose Melissa... 

It's time to celebrate ...

photos 1 & 2 taken by May Christine Tandoc
photo 3 taken today while I reflect on the love letter


  1. Could not have said it better. I am proud of you, enjoy all that life gives you. It is like an amusement park, ride the rides and eat the tasty treats.
    Your worth it!!

  2. Hi Dear one,
    ''A love letter to myself'' that's so cute;). I loved it..because by this you interacted to yourself.Most powerful lines :''Go search...find that pearl. Ask, seek, knock. It is never too late. Never think you are too old to do something new''.
    Wonderful..I liked your photo reflected your sweet attention for a love letter ;)
    Take care..Love you ...

  3. Smile as often as you can and say yes! Beautifully written Melissa


  4. Melissa, precious woman - you just blew me away....I celebrate YOU too. Much love......

  5. know Melissa, i often talk to myself whenever alone n i personally Love being alone....
    i say so many things to my soul, in turns it helps me to be better , do better....even it warns me too at times whenever i get little drifted from my path...what i mean to say is, its always better to communicate with our self......and for me loving our self is always important bcoz when we love our self then only we can love ppl around us.

    best wishes,

  6. very cute Melissa.. Love your letter..

    Someone is Special

  7. Charismatic Melissa, loved your sweet letter and enjoyed reading it a lot. Keep smiling and keep writing such positive and touching posts.

  8. Speechless. I love your letter + of course the pictures. Soo cute! I miss chattin' with you. You were smiling till we bid goodnight. I'm kinda shy back then that's why I don't usually smile on cam. =)

    Your letter touches me. My day was not good for some certain reasons. That's why tonight, I visited some blog that would inspire me again.

    What I love most about your post is when you said "Oh, it's okay to cry...please do whenever you feel like it." =p

    Way to go! Be happy Melissa! mmmmuah! =)

  9. To embrace all you are within your day, your emotions and within your heart is to be whole. You are perfect as you are..everything you need is within you. Whether it be joy or sadness, laughter or grief..surrender to the process...this is where you discover yourself. The Spirit is is always looking for balance. In balance you are in Joy...your letter to self is encompasses all the nuances the soul goes through to learn and grow and Know Itself...then to laugh and play!

    Thank you for visiting Ravenmyth and commenting..I found you and I am now following.

  10. A lovely write up (on why we don't write)
    With some apt photographs.

  11. wow!! amazing melissa...
    really its v imp to love urself n b true to yourself, watevr it takes...we sudn't cheat ourselves by making it do wat it doesn't wants... a great post indeed.......

  12. I celebrate you too dear sweet anam cara!

    I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

  13. Beautiful post, sometimes it becomes necessary to be and realize who we really are...and to feel those feelings without guilt.

  14. AMEN!!! Very true... It is NEVER too late and you were born with a PURPOSE. The gifts and talents that He has blessed you with, will open doors and be a blessing to you and to others, as well. ;) It's TIME to CELEBRATE!!!

  15. very sweet -- thank you for sharing yourself with the world such an authentic and fully-present manner!