Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Midnight Tryst

Lauri Blank's painting

I think of you most of the time. I haven't been like this for quite sometime now. My crazy heart tells me it's pumping blood profusely than usual...Well, I guess that I'm in love again...and I fell for the least person I expected. 

Yes, I seduced me and I've allowed myself to be seduced...

You brought me back to life...freeing my mind, my heart, my soul... 

There are days that I'd wish I could really fly...and you'll be the one to catch me...

OH, there's nothing wrong with wishful thinking... you could be here and I there...

You pervade my thoughts constantly...

...I can't resist you... 


  1. very lovely post and the poem are exultant thank you for a beautiful post lot of feeling here. thank you and god bless

  2. "unaware of each other's touch, making distance as constant as the air we both breathe" I love these lines and the entire poem Melissa.. Superb Poem....

    Someone is Special (a.k.a Saravana Kumar Murugan)

  3. I'm here and you're there...
    both of us living our own realities...
    til our next rendezvous... in the silence of the night..

    A really great passage in a wonderful poem, whoever he is, he is one lucky man!!!!


  4. Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it.

    -- Song of Solomon 8:7

  5. Distance need not hinder our hearts to express our LOVE...

  6. There's pain but there's love too....both can be felt in this poem....but it's love that stays long with can heal every Jim said whoever he a lucky one.The painting up there is a masterpiece. :)

  7. That poem strikes what's within me. hahaha. I wish I could fly too. hmmm.

  8. Melissa, I love your poem and the depth and longing in it tears my heart apart. You are lucky to have found such a soul-mate, distance makes the heart grow fonder...keep living and loving