Friday, June 17, 2011

A Page Breather: "S is for ....."

Stylish Blogger Awards for Seven Beautiful Souls...

Two of my young friends gifted me with this award:

Harshal Patel of Think Once...!
Mohini Puranik of

 Grazie di cuore!


I first saw this award from my fashion writer friend, Ma Faye Liana. I wasn't so sure what a Stylish blogger meant so let's see...

I get to share seven "candid" things about me.

1. Hair style?

You'd be surprised to know that I really... truly like my hair short (I grew it long for love's sake...geez...nothing else could ever move me in such a way) plus...
it has its natural curls, I have to blow it dry to make it straight...

The last time I did,
my colleagues didn't recognize me :P

2. I have been wearing eyeglasses since I was seven.

My mom initially taught I couldn't read. I wrote my notes with misspellings but being an educator, she immediately had my eyes checked.
I am myopic.

3. Aside from my spiritual directors, family and friends... my companions in the journey include ...

NAB (New American Bible)...

            Mr. Webster (dictionary)...

                                     inspiring books...


diaries ( in every stage of my life )...

Now I get to write my entries in my e-journal (Tagged) and blogs...

4. It was my eldest sister who introduced me to prayer...

She told me one episode in St. Teresa d'Avila's life when I was six and I did just as she had recounted to me...

I went to my room...  I asked God to speak to me...
I waited for His voice for half an hour in silence...
and that's how God stirred my heart...

5. I have the same number of friends in Tagged and FB. At the moment, I have less than sixty...

My Tagged bestfriends are Maria (a Japanese) and XT (an Indonesian)... I haven't met Joseph yet to complete the Holy Family...

while my intimate friends in both networks bear the same name...

All my friends are included in my prayer list...

6. In the 'real world',  I have been sharing my life with only "four faithful friends" I have met since I was ten.

Reunion at Abe's

...the rest are the people I meet each day along the streets and in the hospitals I get to visit.
7. Finally...hmmm... 

Let's leave the seventh a space for questions you'd like to ask... 
Geez, please be gentle ;)... 


I share this award to the young ones whose blogs I still am exploring:

Aishani Jaiswal of  To Be, Or Not To Be, Whatever

Portia Burton of Portia's World

Abhishek Singh Rathore of Lines from heart.....

Abhisek Adhikary of Abstractos

SonaLee Desai of Spectrum of Lyf

Sukanya Bora of  Life's Trivialities

Romeo Das of journey of life



 Thank and link back to the persons who sent you the award.
Share seven things about you.
Spread the love and honor
Award recently discovered bloggers.
Contact those bloggers and tell them about the award.


I would love to see you grow young ones... You are all precious...

To the ones I haven't encountered yet, break bread with me... you are most welcome...


  1. Many congrats for the well deserved award to you....and btw i also like those short curly hair.......:))

    best wishes,

  2. Wow! wondering seven! :)..Congrats :D
    P.S.- liked your photo above :)
    Take care

  3. YOU deserve this and many more awards

  4. Congrats on this award. I loved learning more about you. What a beautiful soul you have!

  5. Congratulations...and I am award...

  6. Wow Melisa you done well and describe greatly with images.No one than you can think like that and write this way of accepting award. Any way thanking you for accepting the award.

  7. Beautiful Melissa. I love your picture with the guitar. Congratulation soul sis. You are indeed a stylish blogger

  8. Congratulations!!! Indeed beautiful =)
    I have to wear eyeglasses too but I always lost or break them. I bought contact lens before and it's already expired =p I haven't gotten my new lens now. I'm a near-sighted person.
    So you know how to play guitar? Woa! You really a talented person. I can't play any instruments. How I wish I could. My brother taught me how to play piano but we're only borrowing piano that time so I wasn't able to study well.
    My brother knows how to play guitars but he doesn't want me to teach because "magkakakalyo" daw ako. :/

    So way to go! I want to know more.
    By the way, "what are the countries that you've already visited?" =)