Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Sun-date: Enlightened 2nd part

Chinese Garden, Singapore
photo by May Christine Tandoc

"Go out! Get out! Get a life!,sassed a wise friend one Friday night. 
                                                                    Who could ever win a two against one argument? Remember I had a similar powwow with my dad and this just isn't my day...

I told him, "Okay, okay...on Sunday, I'll be going out on a rendezvous."

"Good for you," he replied.
Yeah, right... I 'll be going out...

                                 with my parents...


For most of us I guess... coming to social networks might mean rest from the daily hassles of life... to be entertained... to gain friends... the rest, others can decide... 

I may have about sixty people in my friends list but only a few who really come to Tagged and FB regularly. About ten who writes me every now and then when an occasion arises. I really appreciate the tags and comments and I read them. 
Maybe a particular tag was sent to me with a purpose but the ones I receive from closest friends could lift my soul... especially when my dry spells arrive when I feel awfully tired...

But messages coming from the heart... these are different. Not many are capable of sharing their own thoughts and feelings. Some would write me to share their experiences for the day... common interests like art and music... passion over food and cooking... the weather... their jobs... work... plans in life... I appreciate them more because we have shared in few sentences "something" about life.

My buddhist friend wrote me one day:

The test is that true love exists, yet is THIS the real deal? The silence between the two of you is like a test.  Will you last through this?  Will you realize something?  Will there be an awakening?  This time is really stressful for you.  Sometimes God, or whatever you may believe in, tests you to see if this is right.  
Feel with your most inner heart, 
your inner being

       Don't worry what others may think or say.  

Yet look at the realization that IF he does not come back into your life, have you lost or won?  This is determined by what personal growth you have accomplished from this ordeal.                 (18th June 2011)

 A sudden flash of light struck me after talking with that friend... 

I was inside a dark cave... no glimpse of hope was there... and I asked God, where are You?...

 He came in... and brought forth LIGHT... and asked me..."Melissa, where is darkness? 
Am I not Light Itself?"

And I realized...

Even the darkness is not dark to You, And the night is as bright as the day. Darkness and light are alike to You.-Psalm 139,12 NAB

Chinese Garden, Singapore
photo taken by May Christine Tandoc

and I went out...


  1. I am enjoying these blogs. Listen to your wise friend get out, live and have fun. Your a beautiful, giving women share that with the right people!!!

  2. It's a pleasure to read you ,Dear one!

  3. Melissa, thank you so much for your lovely message this morning. I was feeling down and sad but this post has made me realize one thing, God tests us and we must believe in his powers, all will be well. Thanks and take care...

  4. I love your posts. They are more like mini-stories than anything. I always yearn for the next line. Know that you have friends and loved ones who will always keep the LIGHT on for you in dark times.

  5. Melissa, you are full of LIFE and LIGHT! You GLOW IN THE DARK! Which is proof that you KNOW the one who said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light.” You are in union with Him. In the end that’s what matters most. Leaving you with this quote:

    He who binds himself to a joy doth the winged life destroy
    but he who kisses the joy as it flies lives in eternity’s sunrise. ~ William Blake

    Have a blessed weekend dear friend!

  6. I came to FB to relax and be myself and like any other site I found that it's all politics. Sometimes you just want someone to start a conversation with you without always needing to be the first one to speak. But, unfortunately the sun must always shine even when the people complain about it's heat or brightness. If your friends don't appreciate what you offer them then who needs them... I say this from much experience with people over many social networks and in my personal life. I enjoy hearing from you.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. hello Melissa....
    the way i see ur reflections on mine as well as some of the other blogs, and the way you pen your own thoughts and views here at ur blog is very special and not so shows who u are as person, bcoz i always believe that ur thoughts represents you....and i am very glad to be connected with you here, though i may not be always there with TAGs N MSGs but always cherish ur company and company of all those who somehow thinks n reflect, like you do....

    Best wishes,

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