Thursday, June 2, 2011

Heroes In The Street

The best thing about travelling and going outside is meeting new people and sharing lives... I had a very long trip all the way from Manila to Tagaytay last Friday. It left me exhausted but I wouldn't let that day pass because of the chance to meet the people of my dreams...

It was a job interview from a couple who's just starting out a nursing home... (later on, it was already I interviewing them, nyahahaha!)... I could sense that they love the old people living in with them right now...

Homeward bound, I got to watch an advertisement of EB heroes on 7... I managed to scribble the names of few... and I was delighted that the people involved in charity work are simple people themselves... the unsung heroes we get to mingle with in our everyday lives...

I looked a few inches more and admired the vendors aboard the bus...
at least they manage to get a few cents (not even reaching the minimum wage) inorder to feed their families... I admired the bus conductor who seemed to have a great photographic memory...knowing every passenger who paid or not...

Okay, okay... I'm not into guilt trips right now...  don't ask God anymore "why" I live a comfortable life... I have learned to accept whatever situation I am in --- especially the ones that are given to me by God (Masochism is a no-no)...

I was not a mere spectator of the scene... my mom would often scold me for talking to strangers, but the breaking of the bread just gets into me... and she found herself talking to them too (good for her)...

I found heroes in the streets... and I thank God for they keep our hearts alive with charity... oftentimes, I make the mistake of looking at myself as the one giving them service. But it's the other way around... these people give ALL that they have just like the poor widow in St. Luke's Gospel... they are the more generous ones... it's really Jesus in each one of them.


  1. Actually, whenever I see people who were less fortunate, it's automatic for me to pray for them and thank God that I'm luckier than them. Things get tough along my way, I easily get depress but God always make a way to lessen all of the things I feel inside by letting me realize that I should be thankful.

    I just remembered when we were going to Manila last Sunday, a man was giving letters. We thought he's just a beggar that needs money and all but when I read what it says, he's a working student,selling dried mangoes for 45 bucks. I always complain about my life. How pitiful I am and all but when I saw him, I'm back to myself again. He's a hero too.

    What I'm trying to say is, I may easily get depress but I'm easily get inspired because of the people around me. =)

    Life is beautiful. Life is simple, it's just that it's not easy.

  2. Melissa,
    You are so fortunate to have traveled to so many places and help so many people. You have touched their lives and they have touched yours.
    lovely post

  3. It's a wonderful gift to be able to see the magic that others can't and it's beautiful that you share it with others so they can get a look through your eyes.

  4. So true about those less fortunate as they give the most as they haven't much to give so to me it worth a lot more than those who have abundance and give a small percentage.

    Cheers A

  5. I love how your faith brings you to see the reality of Jesus in others. May your travels take you far and bless you greatly as you bless others. xoxo

  6. Tagaytay has many memories for me and I learnt much during my short stay there and in the Philippines. I admire the way people who are less fortunate bring so much of themselves to their jobs, while often times we have the luxury to grumble! Thank you for making me reflect - again, Melissa.

  7. Melissa I love that you are writing seemed to have found your voice and we benefit from it. Your so right their are heroes all around us everyday.. most of us forget that but you have reminded us and helped us open our eyes to it. Keep exercising the voice, let your personal message flow. We are listening

  8. The sweet you are, the sweeter your thoughts and heart :)..I've to learn many things from you , Dear one!

  9. You are so wise and intelligent! I love your posts. This one reminds me of caregivers for the elderly, especially the elderly with Alzheimer's disease which is so crippling and so difficult on the entire family. Caregiver's, like the people in your post, are angels on earth.

  10. I've travelled and seen the hardships of the some coutries the sick or even the dead just lying by the roadside matter how bad you think your life is, there is always somebody worse..

  11. I don't think talking to strangers is bad...
    After all every friend was once a stranger!!
    Very well written, keep travelling!!